The curse of riches is voracious greed asphyxiating those in power such that only kleptocracy becomes their antidote.

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Fright or Flight?

Stories of those that follow their dreams is like the flight of the seagull.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

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The ‘inside agent’ at the Fort de Goede Hoop and most powerful matriarchal voice against colonialism in South Africa. South Africa then and now reads like a game of thrones.

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The lie of 1652 lies in the fact that there was engagement 180 years before 1652 with the local Khoe of South Africa. Charles Bell’s painting was painted 200 years after the fact! Deceived into belief is a crime against humanity too!

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Spartacus Reborn

The advent of servitude is Spartacus revived in the corridors of power and the fight has moved from the Colosseum to the UN. Is it not so?

“Several dead men and various scattered weapons are located in a large arena. Near the center of the image is a man wearing armor standing in the middle of an arena looking up at a large crowd. The man has his right foot on the throat of an injured man who is reaching towards the crowd. Members of the crowd are indicating a “thumbs down” gesture. The arena is adorned with marble, columns, flags, and statues.”

Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down) by Jean-Léon Gérôme, the 19th-century painting that inspired Ridley Scott



Every desolation is filled with a Void
little do you realise being android
is a reality you want to avoid!