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Asserting an Islamic Narrative.

You act like mortals in all that you fear but like immortals in all that you desire. – Seneca

Today we are caught in trying to make sense of the world now where good is jaded by evil. What we know today as the LGBTQ+ movement was also prevalent in the past and it faced condemnation then but, today it has been glossed over with the nuances of human rights. It is true that we must have a view on things otherwise we will be spineless. 

The thrust of the LGBTQ+ movement is to make people in the main recognise and accept the new gender roles. Therefore, if we are not clear with ourselves, the gender lines will always be blurred. Like a person who opposes the oppressive state of Occupied Palestine can be maligned as Anti-sematic, a person who opposes the LGBTQ+ movement can be regarded as being prejudiced or worse than that, a hater. This strong position makes it uncomfortable for people to feel a sense of fairness and justice. So how do we address the issue with our children remains the important question.

Firstly, we must look at what the Holy Quran says about it and what Nabi Muhammad (s) said about it. The Holy Quran says:

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. 

Holy Quran 49:13

The Quran states that Allah created all people from Adam and Eve and made them in different cultures, races, and faiths to compete and cooperate together for the mankind prosperity and not to fight.

In the above there is a rejection of it on the basis that it is abnormal to the natural order of life that Allah designed. However, there are those who do not believe in both the Quran and Sunnah and their humanist doctrine makes them rely on their own philosophies and ideologies which in essence are man-made. Therefore, it is not consistent and standard. It will change from time to time. Like the Darwinists who claim that mankind evolved from apes and believe in it as a reality cannot see themselves on the same page as those who believe that mankind is a unique superior creation of Allah, it stands to reason that there will be opposing views all the time. This does not mean that we have to believe and support an opposing view. Therefore, we need to stand firm on our beliefs and not feel shy about it.

The LGBTQ+ movement is being allowed to stay and it is gaining momentum which means we have to become more confident with our belief system. Allah designed man and woman with differences and similarities too but, no in a way that we take over each other’s roles for mere expediency. It is therefore necessary to enhance one’s natural disposition i.e., if you are male then be the best male and vis-versa. Biological changes would not in essence change the psychology and innate behaviour of a person therefore aligning to the original form of how you are created is in harmony with Allah’s order. We need to have a position on the matter that we must be confident with. Do you have a position that you can articulate to the world?

“Free speech cannot just be for people we agree with. If it is to mean anything, free speech has to be everyone.”

So, with LGBTQ+ and me I have this position. I reject it all because it is not what Allah has decreed and that I will meet with Allah on the Day of Judgement and will have to answer on deeds and choices. This is fundamental. My understanding is that Allah will judge me on what HE revealed in the Quran and how I practised on the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (s) in the traditional sense and not in the sense of a secular understanding of Islam. For me, the only true salvation is to make a sincere effort to study the Holy Quran act according to it according to the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad (s). Then the supposed view that because  Muslims opposes the LGBTQ+ movement, Muslims will be violent against them and hate them is actually false and erroneous. When Muslims do not adhere to something it is because it is on what we allowed and not allowed to do. In fact, Muslims have a long-standing history of living in peace with all people. So, when I say I do not support the LGBTQ+ movement I do not intend harm, hate or violence on them rather, it is my view that you are with your moral ways and I am with my moral ways. This said, it means that no one must and should be forced to accept a certain moral view very much like how a Muslim in Palestine is forced to accept the occupation of his land and the world made to believe that he is wrong when he stands for justice. He is only adhering to his rightful beliefs and morality cannot be forced upon anyone through any form of indoctrination and coercion. Islam is a way of life that embraces the natural order of things in its place.

Closing quote:

“Free speech cannot just be for people we agree with. If it is to mean anything, free speech has to be everyone.”

Take the time and write your view on the LGBTQ+. If you cannot pen your view you are struggling with understanding it. Try this exercise with your beloved children too. 


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