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Cry, Freedom!

Cry, Freedom! is the expression on the lips of South Africans who want to rebuild this country. Their freedom is from the corruption. The moral compass is reset. South Africa must be saved.

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“Defence Against Disaster.”

9/11/2021 USA troops will withdraw from Afghanistan but its corpulent appetite for war and creating disharmony remains unsatisfied. Life goes on…Afghan students recite Islamic prayers at an outdoor classroom in the remote Wakhan Corridor in September 2007.Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

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MAY 15, 1948 The day 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland by the Zionist Israeli occupation. Today, it continues with their soldiers afraid of children. The NAKBA DAY lives as a personification of resilient resistance.

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This is the Man

I walked the graveyard and looked at names of those I should have praised. Long gone are they so I say:
Don’t put roses of my grave
to make regret your master and you the slave.
Be in my company and together we the live the gaze
of the One who is all worthy of praise.

Image by MUHAMMED BAHCEC─░K from Pixabay (Young boy memorising the Holy Quran)