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Meet the Man: Prophet Muhammadﷺ

“Then pray for much water as crystal clear
To water God’s pilgrims at the sites they revere
As long as it lasts you’ve nothing to fear.” Ali ibn Abu Talib about the well of Zamzam when ordered to dig Zamzam. (Ibn Ishaq. The Life of Muhammad translated by A.Guillaume

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Noisome! Sri Lanka on Cremations…

Hatred fuels the fires of hell and torture kindles hatred. Why would human right violations be the order of the state when peaceful alternatives are vivid as the rising sun? Because of Power! ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

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The Doctrine of Faith.

“Oh! God!” gasped the atheist on the sinking ship and the parrot, after learning to speak is master’s name, squawked when the cat attacked it. Faith is intrinsic.