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My thoughts on this book: This book must be an inspiration to all to teach with more zest and to aspire to leadership positions. It is also a biographical sketch to illustrate the above. The impetus is also there for everyone to write their own life story because it is unique and gives you a sense of purpose. Your life has a message for someone in the seven billion that live on this planet. The difference between heaven and hell is just one deed. Perhaps the one finds your life story meaningful and changes for the good, you would have written your deed that Allah favours. Need I say more? Read on and write on.

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The Doctrine of Faith.

“Oh! God!” gasped the atheist on the sinking ship and the parrot, after learning to speak is master’s name, squawked when the cat attacked it. Faith is intrinsic.

Belief COVID-19 Islam

Have we entered Ramadaan or, has it entered us?

The boat entered the ocean and, it did not allow the water to leak into it because it would sink but, the boat was made outside the water on dry land. The telling truth here is that innately man knows the ephemeral time he has on earth and has to plan for the next existence.