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The holocaust = Genocide Gaza as from 2024.

The Boy Standing by the Crematory (alternatively The Standing Boy of Nagasaki) is a historic photograph taken in Nagasaki, Japan, in September of 1945, shortly after the atomic bombing of that city on August 9, 1945. The photograph is of a boy of about 10 with his dead baby brother strapped to his back, waiting for his turn at the crematorium. –

The Boy Standing by the Crematory The photograph was taken by Joe O’Donnell, then working for the United States Marine Corps.[1]

‘He is brother. He is not heavy’

Gaza 2024! This the reality and TWO worlds have met – Gaza & Nagasaki.

Truth be told, there is no way today that the WEST can teach the world Human Rights anymore nor can they be bastions of justice too. The Statue of Liberty is in the wrong place.

The UN has proven itself to be an empty organ of justice.

Gaza the soul of our souls.

The Angel of Death looked into his scroll, registered toil
He found Reem and Khaled Nabhan & one for the soil.
Bombs explode with ferocious intensity
And there is nothing left of the city.
Dust settles and smiles of glory on Zionists forces
Chaos in the wilderness of noise as hell crosses.
Khaled races blindly screaming out for Reem
Alas! Reem already in death's seam.
Reem found in full embrace
Oh! how the world cherished the grace
The 'soul of my soul' gave the world a new face.
The world cried Justice 
UN and its bosses asked, 'At what PRICE?'
More bombs and forced starvation
UN and its bosses found salvation.
ICJ ruled 'plausible Genocide'
UN & its bosses were left to decide.
Streets filled with the air sounding Free Palestine
There is nothing clandestine.
Truth be told, lies always fail
Balfour Declaration a patehtic deed of sale.
100 days & incubators became Auschwitz with holocaust syndrome
Palestine suffocates under the Souless Human Iron Dome.
The Angel of Death looked into his scroll, registered toil
Nethenyahu, Biden and all of us too are for the soil.
Time will tell who the good souls of the souls are
Justice will take you far.
The Angel of Death looked into his scroll, registered toil.

Shifa hospital bombed to rubble and soil.
300 ready in genocide grip
the zionists let their hate rip. 
The Angel of death looked into his scroll and registered toil….
He lifted soil and asked, “ Where is humanity?” 
He sat down to stomach the insanity. 
He put pen to scroll as Death’s keeper
since then he named himself The Grim Reaper. 

- Abdullah Sujee
Glover, J. A moral history of twentieth century. Humanity. Pimlico. UK.1999.

Today, as a prepare myself for I’itikaaf, seclusion in the mosque for the last ten days and nights of Ramadaan, I am left hopeful that my brothers and sisters in Palestine will rise in rank with Allah. I know their suffering but cannot feel it but, I take their souls in my prayer and call out to Allah for justice. Our cause is not to see success now and justice now but, it is a journey to unmask the truth and have the faith to meet with the Angel of Death with conviction that we made a call for justice. As much as the war mongers call out their cause in the name of God, they have yet to justify it to the rest of mankind. Think on it!

The world is learning the real history and this is the Angel of Death for the powers of our time because falsehood by its very nature will perish. I leave you connecting the two boys who carried their dead brothers saying that history has repeated itself and mankind has learnt nothing from it. Have we become the Angels of Death?

You write the rest of the article because for me, the west as we say it, has lost credibility. In parting I leave you with Immanuel Kant’s description of dignity as an inspiration to get a word out there for the world to know the truth. He writes:

Ibid. page 23

Journalist Hossam Shabat, reporting from the Al Shifa Hospital after the pullout of the Israeli army:

“I have been working nonstop for the past 6 months covering what’s happening in Gaza, but what I saw today while visiting Al-Shifa hospital was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before:

Israeli occupation forces executed 300 Palestinians in and around the hospital, and this morning, I witnessed hundreds of bodies outside the hospital , their wasn’t one full body all the bodies were either pieces or heavily mutilated .

The bodies were in horrific conditions; many had their hands and legs tied behind their backs and were flattened by a bulldozer.

Many of the bodies were burned and left to be crushed to pieces.

Several bodies were decomposed and partly eaten by stray dogs.

Most of the bodies were unrecognisable; families could only identify them by their clothes.

Al-Shifa hospital was considered the largest medical complex in the Gaza Strip, catering to many complex cases. It has been completely destroyed; they burned it down and destroyed all medical equipment. Israeli occupation forces has one goal and it’s to destroy every inch of Gaza.”

As at 2 April 2024. Article updated


– Abdullah Sujee


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