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The Present screams an EXPLOSIVE difference.

The new map of Occupied Palestine looks like this

The new map becomes the reality because of house demolitions and forced removals. Alas! The world didn’t know?

The people of Palestine had great lives that looked like this:

The Palestine the people knew appeared like this in their schools’ textbooks:

The People knew that the Balfour Declaration was up to no good!

There was a thriving economy in Palestine and it has the power to eclipse the Zionists if given an equal chance. This should tell you a great story:

Today the streets of Palestine looks like this:

There was just one picture that stole the courage from the courageous. It was this one reality:

Believe it or not this is the reality.

My visit to Al-Aqsa was an exhilarating experience and the Zionist incursions into the sacred mosque was captured like this:

I went on tour and saw the wall and it shook the marrow in my bones…

There was young Palestinian who was burnt to death by Jews and we visited his family and this was how it looked:

Al-Aqsa has got a deep history embedded in its precincts and it heartwarming to note that a Muslim family still holds the key to the Christians’ holy Church. I walked the old city and it captured my heart better than a sunset over a beach. Take a look:

I look at all this I knew that there is something attractive about Palestine and I found it in the people I met. Some do keep their house keys of the homes they were thrown out of:

In all of this Palestine is beautiful and it is appealing to the eye. We need to make it beautiful from within again.

My personal visit to Palestine remains a cherished memory. I pray that justice prevails as it is the precursor to peace. People say PALESTINE WILL BE FREE, I say we need to free ourselves from our own prejudices and know our indoctrinations so that when Palestine will be free, we will also be free. Free of racism and oppression. Know your world in pictures too because its the nest of best memories too.

Abdullah Sujee



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