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The Sequel.

Today in Gaza & Sheikh Jarrah the carnage continues and the world is silent.

The current situation in Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah bespeaks the NAKBA! The difference now is that ‘the Righteous Victims’, to use the title of Benny Morris’s book, are the Palestinians and not the Jews. The world is blindsided because media houses prefer the narrative that is garnished with lies, deceit, deception, false histories and concocted facts to appease people and; to butress their own decrepit moral compass. Two realities emerge in this horror.

The one reality is disrupted lives of the Muslims of Palestine and the other is the luxury living of the Jews. Their luxury is embellished by roaming ruthless soldiers, armoured tanks, snaking eight meter walls of division and a military complex that supersedes many countries GDP. Two realities are linked side by side like the wings of a bird. The mindset is to strengthen the one wing thinking to achieve better flight. Alas! the wing oppressed by ignorance has solidified and the bird is now in a tailspin. The world thinks its a glorious flight.

Two realities exist in the mind of this child too. It is ignored.

The bombs are raining down in Gaza as I pen this resistance against the occupation of Palestine. I cannot sleep because as a victim of Apartheid in South Africa the realities rock like thunderbolts and; the realty screams a woeful cry. Like South Africa, there emerged two realties. One is the current South Africa that emanated from oppression to a democracy. The other was an oppressive state that could not survive the resistance. Occupied Palestine stands at the crossroads of two realities.

The one reality is to live under the yoke of disgusting oppression cloaked in garbs of religious virtue constantly dented by exuberant resistance. The other is of truth and reconciliation. The latter remains a pipe dream because it is embedded in the inexplicable, impractical and hopeless ideal of a two state solution. It is like planting an olive seed in fertile ground and watering it with urine expecting an olive grove named Zaytoon to flourish. Alas! mankind chooses a reality that is false. Today, the NAKBA is been enforced on the village of Sheikh Jarrah. It is appalling!

If this were to happen in USA, UK or anywhere in Europe a world war would start.

It is appalling that an army armed to the teeth have been reduced to frightening children, killing children and evicting peaceful people from their homes with the permission of world leaders. It is again two realities. The Israeli army is only good to fight unarmed people but, so afraid to enter into warfare with the other side even slightly armed. The two realities of the Palestinian civilian resistance is one; they are willing to face death in the face to resist occupation. Secondly, they can stand alone without international backing because they are the lions of the desert. Israeli soldiers need the UN and its allies to defend their atrocities including that of the US president whilst the Palestinians in defence of their lives are marked as terrorists. Faugh! Hitler, I think can take a leaf out of the current Israeli handbook of genocide, forced removals, house demolitions, detention camps, human right violations and abuse.

Hitler’s abuse of the Jews is unjustified and it remains an ugly stain on humankind’s social tapestry and; the current Zionist aggression in Occupied Palestine has just added a stench that killed humanity’s conscience.

Is this a soldier or a bully in the playground earning stripes of honour? Nay! It is a coward dressed in regalia of bravery!

In my visit to Occupied Palestine in 2014 I saw the two realities as vivid as the rising sun. I travelled on a road to Bethlehem in bus and saw the other superb highway to Bethlehem built for Jews only. I saw the wall that divided a man’s shop in two, split a village in two and slaughtered farmlands in two. Two realities and the world calls it peace. Two state solution is seen as the peace of the world without justice. Justice is the means for peace and impossible the other way around. In my visit I saw lush Jewish settlements that is enviable and down the road you see the cramped villages of the oppressed. I saw makeshift shelters of Jewish people on the periphery of Palestinian villages looking like vultures to launch their attack. They would attack once the Zionists have the international backing to forcibly remove Palestinians from their homes. This reality is as stark as the blazing sun and we choose not to see it.

Seen with my own eyes in Ramallah where I met the most decent human beings.

I seen this sign post and all I could think of how the Apartheid South African government stemmed it into our minds that the townships are inhabited by the most inhumane people. We were indoctrinated but, it did not last because by the very curious nature of being human we explored and found wonderful human beings. They lived a life of honesty, decency and integrity amidst the oppression because they knew what it was to be human. On the other hand, the justification of oppression meant deliberate indoctrination. Two realities emerged: Who is more human? The one doing the killing and wearing the suit in parliament or the one enduring the crime of oppression through resistance? The moral compass of your heart will be the judge. You will silence it because your heart perhaps has two realities too. The one of hypocrisy and other of truth. You know which reality you feed it. It boils down to whose version of history you are reading.

History tells the truth. The victor writes the ‘truth’ but the truth reveals itself. Two realities.

My first hand experience of meeting with my brothers and sisters of Palestine made me realise one thing. The one thing I realised is that they are not afraid. They are brave and courageous. I stayed in I’tikaaf in Al-Aqsa in 2014 and we witnessed the aggressive storming of Al-Aqsa mosque by the Zionist troopers almost like a scene out of Star Wars. They fired these stun grenades and teargas canisters into the mosque. The young men charge like lions and give protection to the worshippers. That year there were Muslims from more than five different countries and we were given such hospitality that it would make a king shy. This is what I saw and took this video. These young men put fear in the hearts of the Israeli storm troopers and honestly, I believe they would fall just like those anonymous Darth Vader troopers if the Palestinians had just a fair chance.

WITNESSED first hand! Let me tell you these young men are fearless. It is like they love death more than life. You feel it!

I seen the other side or Jerusalem too where stylish cafes and restaurants dot the landscape and give the night a flavour of peace and tranquillity. Believe me, you can live on this end and know nothing of the hell that is around the corner and that reality existed during Apartheid South Africa too. To witness the desecration of a mosque is like watching a person kill your parents. I took these photos amongst many gets. It gets me worked up because, it is holy ground upon which we prayed that was trampled upon with no shame. The umbrellas you see were brought it from outside to shield worshipers from the stun grenades. Zionists soldiers are so brave they attack worshippers whose backs are facing them.

Seeing is believing. CNN is deceiving.

The NAKBA on the minds of the world is that their quality of thinking has been forcibly removed by the likes of CNN and FOX News. So removed is the general world from that reality that Star Wars has been embraced as a reality. The news is the NAKBA. It is not a trilogy but, a THRILLOLOGY! We are been thrilled to accept a false reality and sadly, too many have taken the bait. Therefore, we hooked into a deceptive worldview where the righteous victims have become imprisoned in legalised oppression. Two realities like two roads emerging in the forest begs your heart to make a decision – which path will you take? The one less travelled is the road of resistance against oppression. The time to choose is now!

Hitler’s abuse of the Jews is unjustified and it remains an ugly stain on humankind’s social tapestry and; the current Zionist aggression in Occupied Palestine has just added a stench that killed humanity’s conscience.

Abdullah sujee

The time has come for you to introspect on what reality you are indoctrinated with. You need to be honest and call a spade a spade. Even if the Zionist state condemns the Palestinians as gentiles or sub-human, you have two eyes, two ears, a heart and a brain that can discern right from wrong. The two realities is not out there. It is within your heart because your heart will never lie to you. You choose to subdue the truth and the false reality is like a knife in the dear heart of your living mother. Two realities exist in Occupied Palestine. Which one gives your heart content? If you can justify it to the child facing the soldier with a brave face then it will make sense. If not, that child will smile at your stupidity and know that you live in reality of the Hitler’s world of racism. Wake up! Reality is striking Gaza and Sheikh Jarrah.

HISTORY has shown that the human soul naturally revolts against injustice. – Selby Msimang words after the Bulhoek massacre.

My Solace:

﴿٨١﴾ وَقُلْ جَاءَ الْحَقُّ وَزَهَقَ الْبَاطِلُ ۚ إِنَّ الْبَاطِلَ كَانَ زَهُوقًا)

81. And say, “The truth has come, and falsehood has withered away. Falsehood is bound to wither away.

The Holy Quran. Chapter 17. The Night Journey. Evidence 81

Abdullah Sujee


3 thoughts on “TWO REALITIES…”

  1. The Israeli people are doing the same to the Palestinians just the same as Hitler done to them. In school, when we were taught about the atrocities Hitler had done, we would wonder why the world would be quiet about this and not take a stand. Now that we have grown and we now see that another Holocaust is happening and the world still sits quietly, unconcerned and uninterested. Unfortunately We realized that some people won’t worry about it just because it’s not happening to them or their families.

  2. They came to Palestine in 1948, as refugees asking for help. Countries refused to help them, while Palestine gave them a home and in return, they committed atrocities like trying to colonize the country and shedding innocent blood. Talk about biting the same hand that feeds you

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