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Combatants of Wars 2021

I read the New York Times and for the first time I was startled by the position it took on the conflict in Occupied Palestine. Strange but true, the Haaretz became a symbol for pride for many Jews who want justice and peace too. This is what Gideon Levy wrote on 29 May 2021 in the newspaper:

On Thursday, I felt great pride in being a Haaretz reader – and writer – and deep shame at being Israeli. The front page of the newspaper that day should have been put on display at Israel’s air force bases, so that the pilots and their assistants and the corps and squadron commanders see it


These moments give hope to humanity because, we are social beings and within in our DNA is the desire for a utopia. This utopia is paved on the road of justice that has its destination in peace. The journey however, is also paved with wars that in essence is the surgeon’s cut to remove the sickness for healing to set in. When these wars are done without the surgeon’s deftness, wars become the butcher’s block. The interest is only in the profits through slaughter. Slaughter is synonymous with a battle and a war. Intrigued by the Battle of Waterloo fought on Sunday, 18 June 1815, it gave me a vivid picture of what the playing fields of war or battles should look like. It also gave me data and scenes of the battle so that the two armies’ SWOT can be studied.

We see two armies clash and their uniforms set them apart whilst, their weapons and artillery creates an awe of presence; it’s the Art of War that makes one the victor.

War is not where an army general outsmarts civilians but, where army generals master the Art of War . It is how to out manoeuvre your enemy with great skill because military hardware is almost balanced on both sides. Combatants of war on both sides are soldiers with skill and in most cases, trained for warfare. The so called war in Occupied Palestine looks like this:

A soldier killing another ‘soldier’. This is the reality. Combatants of war in the Modern Age.

The war on Terror has taken strange terms and it looks like an epic of Greek wars like that of Sicilian Expedition. This expedition took place from 415–413 BC during the Peloponnesian War between Athens on one side and SpartaSyracuse and Corinth on the other and it has a remarkable allusion with poets throughout the ages. Mathew Arnold alludes to it in Dover Beach to bring forth the theme of human misery saying:

“And we are here as on a darkling plain / Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, / Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

Dover Beach by Mathew Arnold

The misery here is the fact that the Athenians were getting into a state of so great confusion and perplexity and in the chaos they attacked each other thinking each was the enemy. One cannot fathom the despair when the sun rose to reveal the wickedness of fear and it’s devastating consequences. Taking the so called war in Occupied Palestine, we find that there is no war in the true sense of the word. Firstly, both sides are not equally armed or otherwise superior. Secondly, the Israeli army has got all the alliances, money, hardware and facilities to build an army from bullets to satellite technology whilst the Palestinians have more stones to throw and rockets which at best, compares like firecrackers to the massive bombs fired down upon them. It is unbelievable that children with stones are holding an army back. Therefore, it appears that fear on the side of the Israelis have ‘bombed’ them into a sphere of confusion.

Like how the defeat of the Athenians was never believed when it happened, the eventual defeat of the Israeli will also come to pass and; it will be unbelievable.


The confusion of the people that support the oppression in Occupied Palestine is like that of the Athenians who eventually suffered their greatest defeat when they were at their strongest point in their civilisation. It is captivating to note this because, when their defeat was first ‘posted’ it was never believed. Historical accounts captures the scene as:

It is said that the Athenians would not believe their loss, in a great degree because of the person who first brought them news of it. For a certain stranger, it seems, coming to Piraeus, and there sitting in a barber’s shop, began to talk of what had happened, as if the Athenians already knew all that had passed; which the barber hearing, before he acquainted anybody else, ran as fast as he could up into the city, addressed himself to the Archons, and presently spread it about in the public Place. On which, there being everywhere, as may be imagined, terror and consternation, the Archons summoned a general assembly, and there brought in the man and questioned him how he came to know. And he, giving no satisfactory account, was taken for a spreader of false intelligence and a disturber of the city, and was, therefore, fastened to the wheel and racked a long time, till other messengers arrived that related the whole disaster particularly. So hardly was Nicias believed to have suffered the calamity which he had often predicted. Source:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_Expedition

History is also recording the combatants of war in the current conflicts around the world. In so many wars child soldiers make up the infantry wearing full uniform or, at least appearing like a soldier amongst the men of war. In Occupied Palestine, you don’t see child soldiers too but, you see children defending their rightful claim to a land was always full of people and made space for a people without a land. In a striking image of war, the world came to standstill because the combatants of war came face to face with a child.

The soldier driving is more afraid of what’s driving this child’s courage.

The millions of children that saw this picture then and who see it now in Occupied Palestine are growing up with a psyche of defence against disaster. Like the Athenians who faced defeat and humiliation rose like the Phoenix to claim their space of glory once again, the children of Palestine are doing the same. This is how they are becoming combatants of war the world has never seen. There is no uniform that defines them, no HAMAS or PLO governs their resistance. It is their sheer courage that ignites resilience in the face of escalating oppression, human right violations, abuse, house demolitions, forced land removals, detention without trial, torture, censorship, killings, rape, pillage and plunder. ‘Combatants of war’ in Gaza shocked the world when they appeared on front pages and the world saw that children scare one of the mightiest armies.

War is the work of armies whilst the plans for the war are machinations of men in suits at round tables plotting and planning a new frontier. Like how the defeat of the Athenians was never believed when it happened, the eventual defeat of the Israeli will also come to pass and; it will be unbelievable. It is like this because today, like the Athenians then, the Israelis look invincible. Until the collaborators run out of options and savvy biased media coverage, note must be taken that the oppressed have not reached their threshold frequency. In fact, it is pushed to a higher level each day which makes emboldens their patience and strengthens their resistance to a point of towering intransigence. In other parts of the world child soldiers are trained combatants of war. In a heartless way they becoming killing machines who still wish for the exuberance of joyful play.

In the above video the startling reality is that the children eventually grow up into a war culture as trained soldiers but, in Palestine the situation is vastly different. The possibility of resistance groups in Occupied Palestine using children for skirmishes, suicide missions and the likes are possible because the whole situation in the region is obtusely in favour of the Israelis. This makes the oppressed desperate therefore, the adage that all is fair in name of war does not fit this one because, there is no war. It is an Apartheid state justified on lies and protected by an army of soldiers who fight unarmed civilians and who kill children under the yoke of collateral damage. Combatants of war must have some relative comparison of military hardware and technology so that victory can be determined squarely. The graphic images of war speak of the aggression that we either deny or admit to it with a deep conscience.

What does your conscience say when you are shown this image of a baby killed by indiscriminate bombing? Is this a combatant of war?

GAZA BOMBING 2021 DURING RAMADAAN. Is this a combatant of war?

A combatant of war is the one that you face head to head and not the families you bomb from the sky. Aerial bombardment and carpet bombing have become buzz words in the rhetoric of war so much so that it has become palatable. Palatable for those who live in world thinking that lives can be restored like a start of a new game on Fortnite making reality of warfare a figment of the imagination. The mind of the family in Occupied Palestine speaks of people who can find peace within themselves and know how to discern happiness from materialism. While on the other side, people take delight in the misery of others. It all appears like a movie.

Celebrating their combatants of war and the lived experience of it by the children of Palestine.

Movies have glorified war to the extent that real time war footage was aired in cinemas in the invasion of Iraq. It generated a macabre sense of patriotism where families enjoyed popcorn while they watched the killing of real people in real time. The movie culture just annihilated human conscience. It was further sensationalised by the embedded journalists and the media spin of major news networks. Today we live the anarchy of corrupted minds and weakened hearts. How much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be dumbed down? The fact of the matter is that we have dumbed ourselves down because we fail to see the reality before our eyes. We fail to see that war combatants must be soldiers on either side. We allow ourselves to believe what the major news networks tell us who the enemy is. In the dead of the night, walk into your beloved child’s room and look upon his face and ask yourself if he is a combatant of war. Surely, you will say NO! Why then, in the face of the reality before your eyes on the big screen you become deaf, dumb and blind. Perhaps, you are the one who is breeding the next combatant of war in your home who will rape, pillage, plunder and murder in the name of King and Country. Change your views now before you give birth to your masters – your children who will come from you but will never be of you. They will be slaves of the next world order. The next world order is war economy based on armies that will be dispensable like the troopers of Darth Vader in Star Trek!

Combatants of war are not children but, once upon a time they were children who were innocent but, made into killing machines. Let us stop this menace and embrace our children because deep down every mother loves their child to be in heaven.

Abdullah Sujee


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