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“I´m Gonna Tell Allah Everything”

Dying 3-Year-Old Syrian Boy Before He Died

Syria has entered its tenth year of war we will enter our twentieth day of the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN and I read Saadi, Rose Garden (13th Centuary) quote: “Take warning from the misfortune of others, so that others need not have to take a warning from you” which filled my heart with the need to introspect and give thanks to Allah, the Merciful that I am better off than billions on this planet. My heart speaks and it could sound the words because the intensity to reason like the mind, it bowed to the soul and asked to search.

In the search, I came across a book my dear Uncle Ismail gave me because we share the same reading. The book is: Idries Shah.Learning how to Learn. In it there was this quatrain that sprung reason to my soul to give to my heart – Persian Quatrains of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, Baghdad, 1975. The quatrain was cited by Idries Shah and it reads like this:

In every state, the Heart is my support:

In this kingdom of existence it is my sovereign.

When I tire of the treachery of Reason –

God knows I am grateful to my heart

My heart found peace because of how gratitude filled it. Furthermore it was crowned by a feeling of safety. Safety from what we see in Syria. All of this taught me instantly that the people of Syria have grit. Grit to navigate all hardships and persevere to live, to work and never to yield. Their condition of hardship is a thousand times worse than millions and it is compounded now with COVID-19. This is a clear indication that the human spirit longs to survive. So strong it is that they see Paradise because one of their children amongst many said to the world, “I’m am going to Allah everything.” Theirs is a warning for us.

Helpless to them am I but near to them am I in prayer therefore, this pensive indulgence is means to tell the world that Syria is not forgotten. It lives within the heart of millions and they want to return home regardless of what the new normal might be, but would it happen with the waring factions still raging with weapons of mass destruction? It does not seem like it but, the yearning to go home is as strong as a salmon swimming home against the current.

In all of this the lifestyle of Nabi Muhammad (s) came to mind. Surely his (s) example has something for us in time of need and, for me his (s) life is ingrained in the hearts of the people of Syria because they continue to teach us lessons of survival. The venerable Aa’isha (ra) narrates they they would spend periods of forty days without a fire or anything else being lit in the house of Rasulullah (s). The narrator asked, “What was it that you lived on?” She replied, “Two black things, dates and water whenever we could fine some.” – Ibn Jareer quoted in Kanzul Ummaal (

Children of Syria

Our condition is truly mild and still full of luxury therefore to fill this page with more words is painful to the heart. Tonight I retire with a prayer for the world in hardship that does not know my world of luxury. Our LOCKDOWN is scheduled to end on 4 May 2020 but, for these children they have been suffering for years now and it will continue.

DAY 20 begins shortly. It is not like theirs but its a lesson for us.


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