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Bonds of Love.

Another sequel…another Life…another Family.

1983 tragedy struck as a runaway criminal crashed into my father’s green 504 Peugeot. Less than a week tarried on and his life was taken to Allah, the Everlasting. The passing years carry days of sorrow and nights of anguish. 2021 marks 38 years from that fateful day and it comes to life when I read the eulogy of my dear friend, Mohammed Suraqa Hassan. Indulge yourself into knowing the bonds of love because you are part of it too. It is the reality of circumstance that you have not paid attention to.

The memoriser of the Holy Quran, Mohammed Suraqa Hassan and I spent time in Tabligh (The religious effort of striving with your health, wealth and time to keep the supreme name of Allah, the High, in the hearts of humanity.). He was just awesome man of a spirituallly attractive stature and full of smiles that imbued kindness and generosity. I found in him then a very deep connection with his father that was enviable because it bespoke a bond of love I could not nurture with my father. My father passed on tragically when I was just a teenager whose interests at the time was still frivolity, youthful exuberance and fun in the sun. Today, I wish for that momentous presence of my father who has this legacy that resonates in the hearts of people. The bonds of love have threads that surpasses the intricacies of woven tapestries.

The tapestry of life are bonds of love that are etched in daily interactions and shared moments that have a higher purpose. When the father of Suraqa shared the news of his beloved son’s tragic departure from this world, he said he wants to write a book on Suraqa and I should write the foreword. Here is the bond of love whose threads are words on a page but, whose meaning bonds you with Allah, the Compassionate.

A legacy written in action...

The pen graced the page
Under the guide of a sage
Nothing did it write that was out of age
In all that filled the scroll was the letting out feelings long held in a cage.
Suraqa in passion of making known Islam to humanity
Found his calling amongst all who wanted a way out of irreligious insanity Spent time with him in the call to truth when vacations were all taken Generous was he on everyone to ensure no one was forsaken.
Humble in speech, sincere in action and excellence in deed
Suraqa was the man who would help you when in need.
None would know as he gave his powerful shoulder to lean for solace Reassured was the feeling for it was rock of strength without any chorus. Suraqa a man of faith sure as the rising sun
Praised in word by a father wished longer years for his son
Allah the Majestic called in Suraqa
And in the instant the hereafter was not far
Alas! Soon the soul met with Allah’s decree
And in this we all agree.
Suraqa left his mark
It will stand stark
In awe of Suraqa, father penned an eulogy
In it there is no apology
Suraqa lived his life with fortitude
We will strive with rectitude
And follow who he admired like stars
Nabi Muhammad ﷺ and his Sahabah ﷺ who never lived on Mars
Surely their example is within reach
All Suraqa did was what the Nabi Muhammad ﷺ and his Sahabah (ra) acted and preached. 
By Abdullah Sujee

Mohammed Hassan, late Suraqa’s father takes you into the depth of sharing his pain, grief and loss with poems that strengthen the bonds of love. It makes you tear and feel the anxiety of a tragic separation but, it makes you know and taste the greatness of a genuine relationship between father and son. This one poem amidst 52 poems has an ethereal overtone and that rings with a sense of epiphany. The father writes on his separation from his dear son, Suraqa…

Farewell, Depths of Separation
 The hardships and difficulties of saying goodbye, 
Leaves Imprints of heaves and dreadful sighs. 
Our days of laughter, joys happiness and elation, 
Has been reduced to total desecration.
 So closely knit and bonded with an Iron weave, 
We did not foresee the holes in the sieve. 
Destiny has taken its unforeseen toll, 
This has been planned, it’s His Mighty will.
 The return journey seems like an endless horizon. 
The reason being havoc and devastation. 
Can one overcome the feeling of such repression, 
Of emotions so high trying to contain tears of recession.
 A new life to start all over in utter despair, 
Allaah is the One who does all the repairs. 
Life is a journey full of Trials and Tests, 
Allaah in His wisdom knows what is best.
 He knows the depths of the ocean and the weight of the mountain, 
Nothing escapes the knowledge of His entire creation. 
He knows the Hearts and the minds which will bear, 
Fortifying the stitches at the most painful tear. 

When I read these words it speaks of a sagacious father who knew his son to be sound of heart and their relationship an epitome of kaizen. Therefore, in keeping with this I wrote this of Suraqa…

The eulogy on Suraqa written by his father inspired me to pen the above poem because it encapsulates the man I knew. Suraqa and I spent time out in tabligh with young men and there I found the example of a man that loved Islam dearly. He had this charisma that attracted you to him and he was genuine in all respects. I cannot forget how he served us during the tendays on Tabligh in Mpumalanga. The jovial side is truly something one cannot forget because in it you found the compassion of the man, Suraqa.

What intrigued me most about this eulogy is the depth of the father’s heart ringing of praise for a man of worth; his dear and beloved son, Suraqa. It is without doubt that such words can only emanate because of the refinement of character that his father witnessed. How pleasing must it be for a father to write lines upon lines of poetry describing moments of grace and difficulties but, ultimately telling us of a son who has reached such stations pleasing

his parents that others can only dream of. The pleasure cannot be described other than how Allah appreciates the obedient child in the Holy Quran in words that HE chose. It was in the deep reading of a few lines and then much more that it dawned upon me to reflect on how we will be remembered by those most close to us. Those close to us know us without the masks we wear for impressions and to create facades of importance therefore, when they say a word of truth about you, know that it rings of truth like the rising of the sun. The eulogy proved that all of us have nothing to prove to the world but, we have only to please Allah, the High in the end. The greatness of our actions will speak. They will speak in the actions of man such that words like these become the mainstay of our legacy. It is to marvel when a father can praise his son like this and one wonders therefore, how Allah, the Subtle will praise Nabi Muhammad (s) when the world will gather on the Day of the great Gathering. This immense reflection then draws me to say the eulogy on Saraqa by his father emanates because Suraqa loved Nabi Muhammad (s) so much that it inspired a pensive indulgence to entice the reader to learn more about Nabi Muhammad (s).

The author has used words in symphony creating a harmonious flowof wisdom that inspires the soul to think of Allah, the Composer of all Languages, the Knower of all Meanings and the Creator of everything from nothing. How glorious is it to read the words of man when flavoured with Allah, the Benevolent as the focus? It is beyond the ordinary. Therefore, in reading the eulogy I have learnt that the Holy Quran will remain a magnificence of greater meaning for eternity and anything tied to it for reason and understanding will have an indelible imprint on the soul.

Abdullah Sujee

The bonds of love have an intrigue that inspires greatness of that’s subtle with prophetic undertones. I long for my father and today, intrigued by late Suraqa’s father’s eulogy I penned this for my father:

Columns of colossal Hope.
High in the great heavens held by eight colossal angels is the majestic Throne
Created by the One alone 
having no partner, the Giver of life
is with the one in personal strife.

Dad, father, the beloved Ali stood as columns of hope
Wrenched from life only to leave the family rope.
Called by the Owner of the Throne to rejoice in Divine light
and my soul did not fight.

The tragic news shattered the columns of hope
Accident the cause! And my life fell on the slippery slope.
1983 and all was over for Ali, my father
All over I felt his name ring and felt the shock of my mother.

2021 and the columns of hope light the heavens
because Ali, my father never felt for the deadly sevens.
People near and yonder tell me his name
and that gives me fame.

Dad, you the column of hope
All because you held on to Allah's majestic rope.
Actioned in deeds and works of beneficence 
you threaded connection with the Divine Throne because you were good in essence.

I live in awe of your legacy
it is no fantasy
Your legacy stands as columns of hope while for others a legacy is but a grail
Here I take shade because you did not fail.
Oh! Allah the Great, render me the shade under Your Majestic Throne when is all split asunder
there to meet with Ali, my father, and family to have Your Grace when man bite hands because of the worldly plunder.
The columns of hope grow from your character, Oh! Ali my father.
Here I live in awe of my mother.
By Abdullah Sujee

In parting I urge you to establish that bond of love with your father and mother. The bonds of love that grow from there becomes the columns of hope that will keep the family together. Father and sons have a bond so sharp that will cut through all adversities and bring hope to humanity. Take a look:

Dedicated to all fathers and sons. Live the bond and make the bond a legacy.

Abdullah Sujee


4 thoughts on “Bonds of Love.”

  1. Slms,Dear Abdullah Bhai,
    Your Poetry and writing will evoke and instill in the Hearts of those whose Parents passed on the true value of Parents.
    It will be a means of sending forth Aamale Swaalehaat for the deceased Parents.
    Young peoples minds will be opened to the irreplaceable value of parents.
    The values of Respect,Love,Tolerance and Patience will be rekindled in the Hearts of our new Generation of the day.
    May Allaah Reward you for the Profound Love you are displaying for Parents.
    Fondest Salaam

    1. Wa’alykumsalaam. Thank you for a profound response. It was your eulogy that inspired this piece.
      I am honoured with your response.

    1. Thanks. You know it was a delightful article to write because it worked up so many emotions that are real and true to life experiences.

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