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Bonds of Love.

How would you wish for your father to write poems after your death about you? It is a dream of millions. A bond of love between father and son is prophetic in nature especially when anointed with spirituality.


The Sequel: Bonds of Love.

There is a lifestyle ingrained in the lives of your family’s history. Learn it, know it, appreciate it because its your legacy too.


Bonds of Friendship.

Friendships have their own legacies written in memories. Memories that find themselves in the moments life gives us. Therein lies the sceptre you carry into the kingdom of FRIENDS where the throne is bonds of happiness.

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Bonds of Brothers & Sisters

I lost my job – I got another one. I lost my money – I worked and got it again. I smashed my car – I bought a new one. I lost a family member – there is no replacement. My tears and memories are the joys that enlivens my heart.