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Abu Huraira reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “A man is upon the religion of his best friend, so let one of you look at whom he befriends.” Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 2378

This indulgence of the pen on paper emanated out of the discussion of men who in the wise age dropped pearls of sagacity that illuminated hearts. The overriding feeling that came through was that the way to make friends is actually the merciful teaching of Allah, the most Merciful the Wise. It was this that led me to think of the companions of the cave written by Allah, the all Knowing in the Blessed Holy Quran.

You do not wish upon a star to have a companionship like those companions of the cave. They fled the tyranny of the King who was dislodged from belief in the Oneness of Allah. His persecution erupted and people bore the brunt of the human right violation and abuse. The young men who met on the outskirts of town became friends and decided to hide in the cave. Allah, the Living, the Eternal, kept them alive for 300 years. They awoke thinking that they slept for a day or little more than that only to realise later that it was not the case. The point made here is that these companions were on the truth and they united their hearts on it too therefore, Allah kept them safe. They established that belief in Allah, the Just is correct and divinely true therefore, their hearts could not be divided. Sincere friendship is made in the moment of truth on life’s trials and tribulations and it is then tested by each other’s character. The way this happens is best captured in the word picture below:

I am not sure that we have this kind of character to deal with a situation like the one above but, it is a very telling reality of who a friend should be. The companions of the cave were protected by Allah, the Clement to the extent that creation was ordered to give its bounties to the companions so that they will not perish and; incredibly the companions did not suffer hunger that woke them up. This miracle LOCKDOWN of 300 years proved Allah’s power of Providence and Majesty. It was their intention to escape a king’s tyranny to protect their faith that invoked Allah’s mercy instantaneously. That is trust in Allah, the Trustworthy.

The immensity of realisation of the story bore heavy on mind pushing thoughts of just how deep was the sincerity of the companions’ intention and how Allah responded. I compared it to how we went into LOCKDOWN and wanted to pen to paper to pen my intention. It was a good exercise because it drew me to the goals set everyday for the days of LOCKDOWN and it reflected that Allah, the High, the Preserver does not feature as the number one asset and focus. Everything else and everyone else attained space in our lives and we befriended more people in the virtual playground and suddenly, our attention was diverted into the realm of sharing, caring, videoing, WhatsApping, Tik Toking, instagramming and ZOOMING to the extent that we forgot to make friends with ourselves again.

Knowing yourself would determine how you make friends. Abu Bakr (ra) even before the advent of Islam was a sincere friend to Nabi Muhmmad (s). He could connect with the Noble Prophet (s) because he was innately dignified, honest, wise, humble and truthful in character and these qualities he saw it Nabi Muhammad (s) in pristine action became the magnet. The magnetism of Nabi Muhammad (s)’ s character attracted immediately the hearts of pure people the likes of Abu Bakr (ra). I am left in wonderment to think on what private and personal conversations that took place between Nabi Muhammad (s) and Abu Bakr (ra). For example, the hijra (migration) from Mecca to Medina was a long journey and one can only imagine what the two great men spoke and laughed about too perhaps. Furthermore, how they addressed each others fears and apprehensions makes for such a prophetic encounter because you realise that true friendship wins the favour of Allah, the all Knowing. It made me think just how trusting Nabi Muhammad (s) and Abu Bakr (ra) were on Allah, the Magnificent. Their noble friendship is beyond comparison because it was their association to the truth that set the basis of Islam and; Nabi Muhammad (s) also acknowledged his best friend to be the first Caliph of Islam. This proves that great friendship when rooted in the love for Allah, the Subtle is given credibility so much so that it becomes a legacy that Allah, the Wise records it HIS Book, the Holy Quran and in the words of HIS final Messenger.

Friends will find happiness in each others company regardless of the environment and context. The picture that features this article reflects this reality. The goalkeeper is in awe of his friend’s kicking style and its written on his face yet, he hopes that his friend’s kicking of the ball is the best in the world. Why do I say? I say this because the moment speaks these emotions and it appears that the whole of creation enshrouds their game with effulgence of joy. This tells us that friends in their sincere nature actually add blessings to the atmosphere. In the world of quantum physics the reality of this is there for us to study.

Do not be in the company of people whose speech does not inspire you or in whose company you are not drawn to Allah. Companionship defines your character and defines your religious outlook and your worldview. When you see him when you down , your spirit is lifted and so forth. Therefore make a friend/ companion who have great TAWAKUL – trust in Allah, the Trustworthy.

“The believing men and believing women are friends of one another ….” is a teaching in the Quran too. This tells us that we should have friends but, they must be like guiding starts. When we have friendship without worldly gains but for Allah will bring greatness and Allah will put love into their hearts. Hypocrites too are alike, they command to evil and prevent good. They are driven by self interests. Do make friends with such people. Nabi (s) taught us to the best effect regarding the qualities of hypocrites are:

  1. When he speaks he lies 
  2. Breaks his trust 
  3. he breaks a promise 
  4. When argues he will be badly behaved.

therefore, we should keep this mind and avoid people who have these character traits. In this way we will choose good friends. Extol the value of friendship within the boundaries of how Nabi (s) got alone with his noble companions.

May you be the friend others want to befriend for the pleasure of Allah, the Highest Companion.



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