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Voices from Heaven.

The killing of children are the voices from the graves.

WATCH | Florence Sparvier, an 80-year old survivor of Saskatchewan’s Marieval Indian Residential School, shares her story.

The news of mass graves in the recent years were always accounts of the regimes in Libya, Iraq and Africa. It made grave news the world over and it always generalised Muslims, Africans and non-whites as barbaric, inhuman and a people who have destructive natures. No doubt any leader or despot who kills without cause and has clear intentions of ethnic cleansing is guilty of crimes against humanity. They should be hanged in the name of human rights. Alas! They are protected under the guise of human rights. Why? Because their survival is the survival of the ilk that lurks behind blood curtains unveiling plans for the next culling of humans.

Culling of elephants and other wildlife is a man-made ecological phenomenon and in many cases it is controlled but, it is not entirely free of fault. The fact that animals are culled is also a great cause for concern but, when human beings are killed en mass it is clear sign that humanity has buried its moral compass. We hear and see in the video that the woman says, “They made us believe we didn’t have souls…’ and yet we are not stirred into action of tears, regret, remorse or disgust because the current human right violations, abuses, wars, house demolitions, land occupations and xenophobia attacks have killed our conscience.

The voices of the oppressed from the mass graves are spoken by the living today and; it is becoming more and more clear that we will be hearing more of it.

Our conscience is what drives behaviour and it is clear that the Darwinist agenda also drives geo-politics. It is my view that Darwin’s theory of natural selection was taken to me that those who assume superiority of other will decide the fate of the inferior. Eugenics was the colonial proclivity over human rights therefore, racism became the anomaly. Indigenous people were marked against the yardstick of European standards, physical appearances, values and norms rendering them to a deep inferiority complex. The inferiority complex was the further hubris that gave colonial masters and conquistadors the impetus to plan oppression, human right violation, usurping of land, exploitation of resources, house demolitions, genocide and ethnic cleansing to secure their dominance, influence and legacy.

The legacy of colonialism and eugenics is this. The plight of the the First NationsInuit and Métis has it roots in this too.

Today, the legacies are the voices from the graves spoken by the living. They are the voices of the First NationsInuit and Métis. I watched the video with deep intent to understand the underlying nuances of what made Christians believe that it was God on their side in the oppressive social upheaval they planned and executed it all like the Grim Reaper. Yet, in all the media back then and now too, Christians and Christianity were not and; are not nailed to the cross of terrorism, ‘Christainphobes’ and Christ’s Fundamentalists or any other conjured stereotype that would demonise all its followers. In fact it is jaded under the victor’s narrative of wars and battles of pioneering discoveries and historical bravura. It was further garnished with a kind of oracular mission to civilise dark races and the passage of rites was to keep the right hand on the rifle and the left hand on the bible. Driven mad by power and greed, First NationsInuit and Métis among hundreds more faced hors de combat. They fought until the last man but lost their children to a Christianising mission. There too, those children who stood up, lost their lives and suffered the inhumanity of a graceless burial in a mass grave. ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

The voices from the graves and mass graves of those who were culled and buried like cattle who suffered foot and mouth disease will soon fill the void of the media atmosphere. The void is called TRUTH!

Abdullah sujee

When power is adulterated with a perverse interpretation of religion, justice is supplanted with oppression. The oppression is dressed in religious doctrine and any one outside the faith is considered heathen thereby justifying the Crusades as a religious duty.  Today, however we find Islam and Muslim demonised to a point of no return and it appears that the genesis of the Fourth Crusade is the use mass media in all it forms. Do we really know the genesis of the demonisation of the First NationsInuit and Métis and their subsequent degradation to be second class citizens in their own homeland? In fact, we know what we are told to know.

Today, we know the truth that come as voices from the mass graves told by living who are seeking justice for their ancestors. The mass graves of children in in British Columbia and Saskatchewan is chilling evidence of the cover up of the killing and perhaps genocide of the First NationsInuit and Métis. It is the brutal fact that the West today are in a line apologising for their crimes against humanity and this is not a quotidian event. Muhittin Ataman lists the crimes against humanity by the west and leaves you with the heaviness of the current media splash that still demonises everything and everyone non-christian. He questions the integrity of the West’s apologies in tone and purpose because there is the begging interrogation on what is going to be uncovered. The voices from the graves and mass graves of those who were culled and buried like cattle who suffered foot and mouth disease will soon fill the void of the media atmosphere. The void is called TRUTH!

For instance, it was only in 2019 that the current governor of California, Gavin Newsom, described the killing of thousands of Native Americans, between 1849 and 1870, by the California state government as a genocide. He also apologized…

It is commendable to apologize for past crimes, but Western countries must know that saying “sorry” is not enough. They have to take necessary measures not to repeat similar acts during ongoing crises. Unfortunately, the record shows that while Western politicians say “sorry” for past atrocities, they continue to commit similar crimes.

When the West says sorry, everything becomes all right. BY MUHITTIN ATAMAN.

Truth be told. The mass graves of people dying of COVID-19 has a very emotional pitch because it bespeaks of an international phenomenon and cuts through all tribes and nations. The facts of the COVID pandemic makes the underlying issues of mass graves more palatable with an acute sense of uneasiness too because death and burial is sacred. It is, for me, best illustrated in the following video:

There is definite humanity in the actions of mankind here.

The acute uneasiness on the mass grave above is that it is done in full view of the public and there is no coverup of any sort. It is the transparency of it all that gives us closure closer to home and; there is no blame on anyone or anything even if one believes that the COVID-19 Pandemic is man-made and meant for the culling of mankind. The reality is there for all to see. Therefore, I am devastated to think how the innocent children we killed and then buried in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. It actually sends chills down your spine and unsettles the marrow in your bones when to think on it as how you would think of a person near and dear to you that died recently of COVID. I cannot imagine the anguish of the survivors of the British Columbia and Saskatchewan crime against humanity and I am further pushed to the point of vomiting when I reflect on the holocaust because the mass graves preceded death by asphyxiating on gas. Horrific!

Horrific feelings are stodgy because it is too evil to digest in thought and feeling. The only catharsis is revealing the truth to the world and making it’s history alive in the hearts of people so that it must never be repeated. Alas! I am further horrified when I see and read the unfolding oppressive cataclysm in Occupied Palestine today. This horrid human right abuse and violation is entering its sixtieth year. One can only imagine where the graves of thousands of Muslims fleeing the Occupied land of Palestine are and; where title deeds of stolen homes and land are as well. The colossal irony of it all is that the perpetrators of this ghastly horror are the very people that suffered unimaginable oppression under the yoke of Hitler. In the name of self-determination they have routed the lands of the Muslims in Palestine and throughout their dispensing of violence, killing, murdering, raping, pillaging and plundering they have never defeated the grit and spirit of people of Palestine just like how the Nazis could do with the Jews under their heavy yoke of oppression. Similarly, the First NationsInuit and Métis have never been defeated because today, the voices of the horrid oppression are spoken in the word of the living. It is the reality today that the aggression against the First NationsInuit and Métis is surfacing from the graves where it was believed it was buried forever.

We will not wait forever to learn the human right abuse and the horror of the neo-colonialist anarchy dressed in garbs of democracy that has uprooted the lives of in Occupied Palestine, the millions Stalin killed and stuffed into mass graves, the sins of King Leopold III on the people of Congo, the killing insanity of the Serbs of the Muslims and, and, and… The internet with all its cloud storage will not be able to handle the weight of the oppressed. It will fill it and it will come down is the biblical flood of Noah (peace be upon him) and wash away into the underworld the tyrants, oppressors and dictators with their ilk into an oblivion of horror where, each one of them will ply their hate on the other. It is unimaginable for instance how Hitler and Stalin will face each other in dealing a better brand of oppression. The earth has a way of cleansing itself but; wholesome enough to embrace the oppressed deceased too in its stomach. The voices of the oppressed are spoken by the living today and it is becoming more and more clear that we will be hearing more of it. A lot more of it.

We will be hearing more of it because mankind by nature is not akin to injustice. Jordan Peterson’s 12 RULES FOR LIFE. An Antidote To Chaos makes it abundantly vivid that man behaves like a predator. He says: ‘Unlike us, predators have no comprehension of their fundamental weakness, their fundamental vulnerability, their own subjugation to pain and death….only man could conceive of the rack, the iron maiden and the thumbscrew. Only man will inflict suffering for the sake of suffering. That is the best definition of evil I have been able to formulate.’

This is so striking and true because it tells us how our fear for the other kind makes us do deplorable things to assert our superiority and to subjugate those we deem are inferior. The sufferings of the oppressed from the mass graves are spoken by the living and their story is a chilling truth that man has become more a predator than a human being. PREDATOR or HUMAN – WHO ARE YOU? That is the GRAVE question. A ‘Mass-ive’ question. The horrors of the oppressed surfacing from mass graves are spoken by the living. Are you hearing them and paying attention. You have to.

Abdullah Sujee


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