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MYAMAR -Coup d’état


The Coup – Is it Karma?

Yangon, Myanmar – Myanmar’s military staged a coup on Monday, detaining democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and declaring it had taken control of the country for one year under a state of emergency.


The news of the coup d’état in Myanmar shocked me as I watched Al-Jazeera Headline news on 1 February 2021 all because it took the the entire news slot and more whilst, in 2017 when the genocide began on the Rohingya, it was given little time and meagre importance comparatively. Furthermore, the world had garish views on the carnage of the Rohingya and the UN tried extremely hard with all words to make it sound like everything else but a genocide. This play on jargon on the Geneva Conventions made it clear that the world looked for excuses to save a noble peace laureate. Today, the Rohingya are landless and facing every conceivable human right violation and human right abuse which the world gives scant media attention too.

The media on 1 February 2021 regarding the coup d’état was so prodigious that one imagined the horrible loss of lives and the dark impoverished conditions of the Rohingya; the house continuous demolitions in Occupied Palestine; the ravages of war in Yemen and Syria; the despair in Mali and the continuous aggression of the Uyghurs in China amongst hundreds more as having no importance or categorised as tedium. In the current setting, juxtapose the coup d’état and this real life condition of the Rohingya in Bangladesh and ask yourself who should get more attention. Do we use our prejudices to fuel our hatred to treat people horridly? In broad strokes it appears that this is the case because the reporting on Aung San Suu Kyi‘s ‘detention’ goes on as if she in one of these pitiable people living in the dreadful refugee camps suffering human right abuses. Therefore, it is confusing to really understand how the coup d’état was so swift and successful because, the outcry is huge and getting White House attention immediately so much so that the coup d’état is seen as colossal economic crises amongst other violations.

Rohingya refugees shelter at Chonkhola camp in Chakdhala, Bangladesh where a diphtheria outbreak has taken hold.  © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell

The crises in my mind is more dramatic because the same army of Myanmar was responsible for ethnic cleansing, pillaging, plundering and destruction of an entire ethnic group yet, today play this mellifluous big brother keeper figure to save Myanmar from regime change. Here the military leader, Min Aung Hlaing, declares election fraud but, the same man of justice today did not and cannot fathom the genocide of the Rohingya that began in 2017. This incongruence is so startling that it would blacken a blue sky. Perhaps today, is karma for Aung San Suu Kyi. Her karma might be that she will face some sort of misery in the form of house arrest for her role in the genocide of the Rohingya that began in 2017. It all seems so calm yet, dictatorial in Myanmar with discussion in higher echelons more on global economic trade than the matter at hand. At one time Aung San Suu Kyi was vaunted and she won the hearts of the world because of her struggle against oppression but today, she comes across as bumptious. Now that she is detention by the military general and it all seems so sepulchral because, the one time general under her command unleashed a reign of terror and death on innocent civilians. Today, she is at his mercy which makes the whole coup a platter of skulduggery. Really what is the truth and what is behind all of this is definitely not soporific. It is, in fact, horrific. Therefore, it keeps you wide awake as if you are sitting on hot coals. Sitting on hot coals even for the lion hearted is no joke. It is agonising pain that aggravates exponentially every second. It was my reading of the online FINANCIAL TIMES that made me realise that Myanmar was already on hot coals and there was an attempt to extinguish the flames but, to no avail. In fact, the events were just too hot to handle so it led to the coup which to a degree appears very desultory.

It was this concise record of events, detailed John Reedwrites and additional reporting by Michael Peel on the FINANCIAL TIMES (ft.com) that got me thinking.

  1. “NOVEMBER 4 Myanmar army chief Gen Min Aung Hlaing accuses Aung San Suu Kyi’s government of “unacceptable mistakes” during preparations for the country’s national election

2. NOVEMBER 8 Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy wins 83 per cent of the seats available to it under the constitution in Myanmar’s second modern democratic election. The military-backed Union Solidarity and Development party alleges widespread voter fraud

3. JANUARY 15 The USDP, having refused to recognise the election results, alleges more than 90,000 cases of election fraud, including alleged irregularities around voter lists and IDs

4. JANUARY 26 Major General Zaw Min Tun, the military’s spokesman, warns of a coup if the accusations of election fraud are not addressed

5. JANUARY 28 Myanmar’s election commission rejects the military’s allegations of election fraud

6. JANUARY 29 The UN and embassies in Myanmar of several western governments issue statements opposing any attempt by the army to alter the outcome of the election

7.JANUARY 30 The military says it will protect the 2008 constitution and “act according to the law”

8.FEBRUARY 1 Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other government officials are arrested, phone and internet services are cut off and the coup is launched.”

Karma seems to be working on Aung San Suu Kyi and one wonders how it will pan out. I, on the other hand, believe that the Holy Quran speaks of oppression in very unique terms to bring home the reality of justice. Allah, the All Knowing says:

O believers! Stand firm for justice as witnesses for Allah even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or close relatives. Be they rich or poor, Allah is best to ensure their interests. So do not let your desires cause you to deviate from justice. If you distort the testimony or refuse to give it, then know that Allah is certainly All-Aware of what you do.

Holy Quran. Chapter: WOMEN. ayat/evidence: 135

The above applies to the hidden racism, open hatred and oppression of one people against another who justify their ‘crimes against humanity’ with such appealing propaganda that makes their argument irrefragable. This is the reality we see before our eyes. However, the teaching is clear that if our desires makes us deviate from justice we will distort evidence. Have we we not seen the distortion of evidence by Aung San Suu Kyi and her military leader on the genocide of the Rohingya? Yes, we have but, few brave hearts in the United Nations that stood up for justice and made the point against Aung San Suu Kyi lost impact in Machiavellian art of duplicity. Therefore, what we see in Myanmar is not karma but, the wheel of justice set in motion where, courts will not deliver it but, it will be delivered to the soul of the oppressor such that their everyday life is an embarrassment. This is like being in front of a judge daily facing a harangue on your actions and the world listens. Only the foolish, sinecure and spineless people would lend an attentive ear and give peevish support because, at the onset of justice they will flee like flies. No matter how you look at the excuses of Aung San Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing on their respective actions it is very stodgy because lies and deceit cannot be digested by truth and the seeking of justice.

Karma means action, work, or deed. The term also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein intent and actions of an individual …Wikipedia

PICTURE CREDIT: https://toistudent.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/leadership/7-karma-myths/21881.html

The truth and the seeking of justice is high on Aung San Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing’s personal agendas but, this coup is just the smokescreen needed to sway world attention even further away from the ghastly and distressing plight of the Rohingya. Furthermore, the attention of the world will be on finding reasons for the coup whose signs appeared as the fin of an approaching shark on awaiting bathers who were well informed about shark infestation in the area yet, ignored the warning and went on swimming with the sharks. What courageous stupidity. In this way, the world will deify Aung San Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing because they ‘worked’ to protect democracy and order that appealed to the dictates of those who hold global purse strings. If such a coup were to take place within an Arab country there would have been the drone of B-52 Bombers drowning the bustle of cities or the skies would have been lit with streaks of missiles and cluster bombs in the name of peace and justice.

Justice is not cutting communication and contact with the outside world. This action is nothing but oppression that underlines the reality that more horror will follow. The example of this approach is evident in the current siege of Kashmir where human right abuses and violations shame the devils too. That is why we need to know how the news wants us to think and how it takes our mind off dreadful things like a tangent. As the tangent never touches the circumference of the circle ever again, we will also never ever again give the same attention to the distressing calls of the oppressed people of the world and more so, if they are Muslims. The karma will be for those who believe in it as a source of hope but, for me again, the Holy Quran gives greater certainty. Allah, the Just says:

“Verily, Allah enjoins justice, and the doing of good to others: and giving like kindred; and forbids indecency and manifest evil and transgression. He admonishes you that you may take heed”. 

Chapter 16. Ayat/evidence: 91

The coup d’état will be an international debate or a means to convene a special UN General Assembly while military rule will envelope Myanmar for 2021 and who knows for long after that. In the background the disenfranchisement of the Rohingya will continue and; like the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay, the jailed journalist Mahmoud Hussein of Al-Jazeera, Dr Aafia Siddiqui, the unjust continuous incarceration of the children in Occupied Palestine and thousands of such marginalised people. They will be passing names at the bottom of the news screen in the floating banner. It is there only to placate the conscience but, with no sincere intent of global action.

If such a coup were to take place within an Arab country there would have been the drone of B-52 Bombers drowning the bustle of cities or the skies would have been lit with streaks of missiles and cluster bombs in the name of peace and justice.

Abdullah Sujee

The world awaits the action of the military leader,Min Aung Hlaing, now and the UN will champion the release of Aung San Suu Kyi whilst the oppressed will be doomed into oblivion. They will be remembered occasionally rather than thoughtfully because, that is the nature of the world today which, we can change by means of platforms like this. When I reflect on this very volatile situation in Myanmar I am drawn to conclude this article on the poem by Wilfred Owen, Anthem for Doomed Youth all because, it speaks volumes also on those used to fight the so called ‘just wars’ in the name of freedom. Furthermore, it is cited to make you think of how unfortunate are these doomed youth who, not only fought for an unworthy cause, but who cannot also be redeemed by a poem like this too. How sad! They are doomed further into a graceless existence.

They are the soldiers that have families too. They would hate for their own mothers being raped, houses burnt down and families killed yet, they do it to mothers of others, burn homes of others and kill families of others. They take instruction from their leaders to commit acts of genocide but, their leaders know how to deny it to the world. They too, suffer the indignation in the long term because, they are at the mercy of the next military leader’s hand over them. They too, are also doomed to the same fate of those they killed, raped, pillaged and plundered. The difference of their suffering is that it is the deep horrible psychosis and their disrupted lives corrupted by drug abuse, alcohol addiction and hopelessness. Their own families suffer because of their slip into despair which they hide behind unworthy medals and their morally stained military uniforms. Hopefully, yet true for many, karma might play out but, the corruption we witness is the consequence of what mankind has done therefore, we need to change what is within ourselves to see in the change beyond ourselves. This, for me, is the best karma.

Anthem for Doomed Youth
What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?

      — Only the monstrous anger of the guns.

      Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle

Can patter out their hasty orisons.

No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells; 

      Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,—

The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells;

      And bugles calling for them from sad shires.

What candles may be held to speed them all?

      Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes

Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.

      The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;

Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,

And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.



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