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House Demolitions!

Where is the UN? Where is the World? Where is your Conscience?

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Ali Ibn Abi Talib (ra)
Believe it or not this is how the powerful military complex of Israel fights its wars!

All or nothing is war a concept and it overrides reason for mercy because, glory is the victor’s pen and the collateral damage, body count, human right violations, human rights abuses, forced population removals and relocations is the ink that blots the page. Today, we witness the consistent oppression in Occupied Palestine, besieged Kashmir, war ravaged Yemen, war torn Syria and how the dogs of war continue their insane acts of war worship in the name of peace and; how the world goes on as if COVID-19 is the only pandemic that needs world attention and intervention. No doubt it does but, how can it be seen in isolation from the rest of the world issues when it adds to the nefarious acts that condemn us as human? It cannot be ignored as flotsam on a river leading to the sea. It was encouraging to read the following part of a news clip on Al-Jazeera:

“The European Union and United Nations have warned Israel to stop demolishing a cluster of Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank. Sixteen residential blocks close to the border fence are being destroyed, according to local residents. It’s the first such demolition to take place on land controlled by the Palestinian Authority which gave permission for the buildings to go up. But Israel says they’re illegal as they’re built within 250 metres of the separation barrier.” Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson reports from Jerusalem.

In keeping with the news, I found it imperative to share some startling statistics to highlight the gruesome reality of house demolitions as a planned aggression to diminish the grit, morale and spirit of the people of Palestine. It is causing immense pain and agony but, it has not annihilated the grit, resilience and courage of the Muslims in Palestine. It has given them more understanding that their occupying force is actually gripped by paranoia and their only panacea is the daily dosage using, abusing and unleashing weapons of mass destruction on unarmed people. Currently, the demolitions are set to continue in Silwan and that will add to the statistics below and to give you a heads up, in December of 2020, 21 demolition orders have been given.

Demolitions by year (Until 31 Dec. 2020)

YearHousing unitsPeople left homelessMinors left homelessNon Residential structures and infrastructure
2011158853407No data
201085387184No data
20092821862No data
200844276160No data
200747267126No data
20064922578No data
STATS FROM :https://www.btselem.org/planning_and_building/statistics

House demolished. Faith intact. A picture that demolishes the mind of the Demolisher!

Picture Credit: https://www.btselem.org/planning_and_building/statistics

Demolition of houses 1987-1998, B’Tselem data

YearWest BankEast JerusalemTotal
1987103No Data103
1989No DataNo Data347
1990No DataNo Data102
1991No DataNo Data227
Total  2,276
STATS FROM :https://www.btselem.org/planning_and_building/statistics

It is clear that it is the powerful Israel’s interminable weapon of war is to strategically cause a stymied on the minds of unarmed civilians through planned aggression on a daily basis. The Muslims in Palestine go to bed thinking about how their sleep with be aggressively disrupted by boots on the ground whilst, the Israelis keep themselves awake to hurt, destroy, plunder and violate the lives of people. Faugh! how disappointed am I to learn that mortal combat has deteriorated into cowardice. I thought therefore, that Genghis Khan would look at the soldiers of Israel with disdain because a people with stones still keep them at bay and probably in napkins too, who knows how paranoia has affected them. This whole case of house demolitions in Israel comes as an augury of the eventual collapse of its great military complex because it is not easy to sustain a nation on bullets and weapons as the psyche begins to wane into some sort of taciturn abyss of despair and misery. I say this because how long can you convince soldiers that annihilation of the innocent is an act of courage when the same soldier hides behind bullet proof amour in the face of children with sticks and stones.

A whole army for 1 boy & like that many bulldozers for 1 house! Bravery? Faugh!

Children in Occupied Palestine suffer the most under the escapade of house demolitions and it only inflames their disgust and anger for the occupying forces. It begs the mind to ask the question: “Have the Israelis not realised that they are perpetuating hate and inspiring a greater sense of resistance amongst the Muslims by their open aggression?” My answer is, “Yes!” In South Africa when the Apartheid apparatus become more aggressive, it gave people more courage to resist and the willingness to give life for freedom became a medal of honour. No matter how you look at it, Apartheid crumbled like a house under demolition and it cannot be resurrected again therefore, the consistent house demolitions by the Israelis cannot be sustained especially now that Jews themselves are beginning to see the aggression of their forces as disproportionate. I say this because the Jewish people are very exalted in their planning and in their intelligence too therefore, the discerning amongst them surely see the wood from the trees and are probably having sleepless nights because of shame.

Again I say this because my interaction with Jews in South Africa has been and is very positive and their habits are so refined with moral codes embellished by sound human values that it is impossible in my mind for them not to look at the house demolitions for example, as something the Torah prescribes. Really, my personal observation of how many a Jew would follow the rites of Sabbath it cannot be that the same people would sanction the disparaging act of house demolitions. Ironically, many a Jew assisted many South Africans in dire need when their homes we demolished because of floods and fires. There are many among the Jewish people who hate this because of their genuine humanity. Therefore, one has to wonder in shock and awe as to why they do this in the holy land where their own Prophets (Peace be upon them all) walked and preached a message of fairness, justice and the belief in one God. I am more confused than a chameleon in a box of coloured sweets.

How confusing for the soldiers that sweets don’t interest this boy.

The point beyond the house demolitions is the forced population removal that is a replica of what Stalin did during his reign of terror which the world seems to forget. Forced population removal is the beginning of ethnic cleansing because it socially dislocates a people from their native land and puts them at enormous risk when forcibly removed. A case in point is the hopeless situation of the Muslims in Myanmar who experienced the horror of genocide and made desperate journeys to Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh and today are facing the great threat of another relocation. The Rohingya Muslim population is now dispersed in countries which include Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We witness with utter exasperation the horrible plight of the people but do so little because we have become so polarised as ethnic and religious groups that we forget we are human to begin with. It is as if we like punishment of the other kind because they pose a threat to our survival because of what we are fed with by mass media. Therefore, as long as the threat, horror, terror, agony and suffering is of another people in another place then I must not be concerned. Look at the picture below and ask yourself how would you react if the people you see are your actual family.

Desperate journeys for survival.

Rohingya refugees help each other after crossing the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Picture credit: Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters

Desperate journeys and forced population removals are happening as we read and go on with our daily lives and it will continue because the UN is impotent to do anything. In fact, the most they can do is condemn or run short in being bold to say the truth. This is how the UNITED NATIONS expressed their qualified opinion on the Rohingya as ‘genocidal intent’ and nothing more only adding that the forces must stop is a clear message that they have no intention to bring resolution that is rooted in justice at all. Again, words pull them out of a checkmate position and we, like fools want to start another game of human chess because it suits our grand plans of nation states divided on racial, religious and ethnic lines. This is the reality.

People! this is the reality and we discuss it not because it is not happening to our kind of people who are not Muslim or the other! You are either racist, sectarian or inhuman not to see the injustice and call it that.

Abdullah Sujee

The reality of house demolitions in Occupied Palestine speaks volumes of ensuring that a two state solution will never come into existence because more and more land is usurped for the illegal building of Zionist settlements on Palestinian land. From the Oslo Accords to Camp David to the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement and to the next one, whatever they will call it, stands cowedly in the presence of justice because, it is built on the motif of keeping the Zionists superlative in all respects and the Palestinians like a puppy on a short leash. The leash is so short that it is most likely the puppy will have to crap in its dingy and cramped kennel. This is the reality and to prove it do the following:

Take a walk outside your home and imagine your government’s bulldozer at your gate and ready to demolish your home. What would you do? Would you give them wine and cheese? Would you give them hummus and olives? Would you give them a cold beer or water for their hard word? Really, what would you do when you see behind the bulldozer the army ready to kill because that’s what they trained to do? Then play out where would you go when your house is razed to the ground and you are left with noting! All your personal stuff that identifies you as a person of the land is underneath rubble. What will you do? Instantly, you become an unclassified citizen of your motherland and that’s when you begin to become a pariah in your own land which takes you down the horror of facing two possibilities: one being outlawed and the other, the path of a government sanctioned genocide or ethnic cleansing that will keep the perpetrators clean as falling snow. People! this is the reality and we discuss it not because it is not happening to our kind of people who are not Muslim or the other! You are either racist, sectarian or inhuman not to see the injustice and call it that.

Injustices against the Muslims will continue because there is a lack of leadership that will stand up and say so. The pens are not lifted and the ink is not dry yet, because there are people who will stand for justice and I don’t believe that you must bleed for me. I expect that you begin to shave off your blinkers and have true picture of the world beyond the scope of your limited world view made up by those who own the means of production and the media. You made your own mind to purchase Apple or Samsung with all researched views but, on human issues you fail worse than a dog trying to stretch an already highly strung leash. For as long as you and I will not demolish the house of prejudice in our hearts, you and I will be like a sadist with some callousness of a serial killer will actually ‘enjoy’ the demolition of houses where people live. Did it ever occur to you that people are living there?

Yes, it did occur to us that people are living there but, it was not and is not our kind of people. The cycle of prejudice and hate continues and so will our end also be – in prejudice and hate. Is it the life we need or want? And the answer is an empathic NO. Therefore, we need to change. The way to do this is to, “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” Until then, you will remain in your current position of denial or move into the realm of humanity again. Trace your roots and you will most defiantly see that you don’t come from an ape without a name or a troop of monkeys without a clan. You come from a human and so will you remain one but, if you choose not be human in behaviour that read what Allah, the Creator of all creations says:

1. “By the Fig and the Olive,”

2. “And (Mount) Tur of Sinin,”

3. “And this city of security (Mecca),”

4. We have indeed created man in the best of moulds,”

5. “Then We render him the lowest of the low,”

6. “Save those who believe and do righteous deeds, for them is a reward unending.”

7. “What then makes you reject thereafter the Last Judgement?”

8. “1s not Allah the Most Just of judges?”

Holy Quran.Chapter 95

In my mind truly speaking those who demolish homes, I render them to the lowest of the low because, they will never be able to convince me in this life that their actions are just. How would they be able to convince Allah, the Just, Compassionate and Merciful that what they did was full of justice, mercy and compassion? They will not be able to do it in this life time and the next. Even if you don’t believe in the hereafter, please live outside your home tonight and the day thereafter think if you would want it demolished. You saving it all for a future you have not fathomed so why worry then. At least the deliver lives with hope in the hereafter ready to meet his maker, Allah, the Just. On a positive note the end has come to look for another reason to write and it comes out as this poem:

HouSe DEmoLitions
The cuddle of mama woke me from my dreams
A long time we enjoyed olives and our creams.
Dad saved a little something and I married
and so life tarried.
Forced into a little land our house came a  3 storey 
Oh! what a story that made us all happy, later sad cause the end is gory.
30 years we lived along the WALL
2020 came!  Bulldozers came with army and All.
House must Fall
its 250m to close to the WALL
Mama came out crying
Baby howling
Dad aghast and brave
POW! was the thud of bulldozers leaving nothing to save!
All razed to the ground
Nothing of mine was found.
We leave with nothing to somewhere
Neighbours come to make life fair
All we know this is the Zionist lair.
House demolished
Heart polished.
Rise I will for many castles fell
I know this ain't my hell.
Beyond me is the power
it rises and Zionists cower!
Demolish my house again
My faith never! Never will it feign.
Abdullah Sujee
Demolish my house again
My faith never! Never will it feign.

Abdulllah Sujee


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