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USA needs to invade USA to save itself from USA.

Let us report the above from the perspective as if Trump is a Muslim or a leader of an African country during the course and progress of elections. The news would probably begin like this:

On 6 January 2021 terrorists stormed Capitol Hill, America’s seat of Congress and the legislative branch by Islamic radicals and extremists under the bigotry of their leader, Donald Trump. In what experts describe as a brazen attack on the whole world. America has been attacked in a more catastrophic way than 9/11 because, infidels infiltrated the highest echelons from within and; desecrated Capitol Hill with bombs, Molotov cocktails, guns and extreme force. In what experts describe as a well planned attempted coup that was ignited by Trump’s speech the terrorists have definitely made a show of their treachery. USA will not let this rest and like 9/11, USA will leave no stone unturned, will not ignore any smoking gun and will use this time to bring those responsible to justice. You are either with us or against us. FBI & CIA agents have found passports and plans at the scene indicating prime suspects. Weapons of Mass Destruction have been unleashed on the United States of America and its allies. Operation Obliteration is set for Senate approval and it will be cleared for action once Capitol Hill is wiped clean of the fundamentalists….

Can you write up your own headlines to the Capitol hill insurrection in the way it should have been written by the leaders of democracy? I am sure you can.

Duplicity and the media are the two wings of the bird that gives flight to engendering stereotypes, generalisations and fixated beliefs that change the destiny of truth. Truth is clear but, difficult to face because, it reveals the deception and treachery that has always been hidden to further an agenda that has ulterior motives beyond the ordinary. The events of 6 January 2021 on Capitol Hill and the reporting thereof indicates that there is a definite way to report Muslim actions and or African actions but, a clear method of presenting white supremacist actions in such a way that it does not sound or have the clink of anything heinous. It comes across that riot police and the army will lay its heavy hand immediately on protestors and wars will be conjured up in a flash to deflect attention to root causes when Muslims and or African leaders plot heinous agendas but, not with white supremacist actions. Allow yourself to savour on this unpalatable rough morsel that has been covered us with news of duplicity. Think about the non-Muslims who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar in preparation for a coup d’état in 2004 in Equatorial Guinea financed by Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son, are still called ‘MERCENARIES’! Turn the tables and ‘cover’ the same news as if the people concerned were Muslims. It will probably read, “Muslim fundamentalists with Al-Qaeda connections have amongst its entourage terrorists who have plotted to overthrow Equatorial Guinea in the hope to form an Islamic state.” Believe it or not! That is news ‘coverage’ today. This duplicity of naming non-Muslims and Africans with jarring stereotypes and malignant generalisations makes us see the wolf from the sheep.

Is Trump a lone wolf? Or is he above the law? We need to ask these pertinent questions because we have seen lands invaded and regime decapitation follow because of how circumstances played horribly wrong for US & Allied interests. We have seen the tacit approval of sanctions on Iraq that led to the death of millions of children, the unjust trial of Saddam Hussein, the mob justice on Gaddafi, the failed justice of Milodan Milosevic and many more that fuelled a war economy and hatred. Hatred for everyone who had an independent political purpose beyond USA policy and Israeli aggression or differentiation in economic standing beyond the dollar as a currency or rate of exchange. We have beed duped to think that USA is this supra-natural force and democracy that is the panacea to the world’s social, economic and political woes, fears, anxieties and crises. USA through its portrayal of events on the news has made the world believe that their enemies are the world’s enemies too therefore, we have become so polarised as nation states that we collude with each other to keep the treachery alive with cunning duplicity. The duplicity is so deep that we waver to help the people suffering the ravages of war and genocide from Myanmar to Syria to Africa because there is possibility that terrorists are being funded or that we might be listed on the terrorist list prepared by the USA. The oil fields of Libya and Iraq are in control of the USA but, hidden under the yoke of deals, armistices, treaties and alliances we will never know because, we are not meant to know. History is replete with examples of how the masses are and were fooled by sham justice and how tyrants and oppressors still dot the skyline as heroes and valiant men of justice.

Whatever will come from the insurrection on Capitol Hill will not be a case of justice because, already there is a huge disparity in the way the protestors of the Black Lives Matter were dealt with and those white supremacists who marched to Capitol Hill. This sham will continue for as along as we have two roads of justice for people. One road of merciless killings and incarcerations for Muslims and Africans while another road for Jews, Christians and white supremacists. This other road is paved with duplicity where we are inveigled into believing narratives that are compounded by clandestine agendas which we will never know but, come to live through it like 9/11, ISIS, the War on Terror, COVID-19 vaccinations of all sorts, oil for food programs and massive expenditure on weapons whilst millions goes starving. That is why the intention is not to provide opinion on the march to Capitol Hill but, to illustrate that we are being duped again and we will never know the plot except what the powers want us to believe. Just like how the official version of 9/11 have been forced down our throats despite been debunked, it remains the official narrative, the real truth behind the march to Capitol Hill will have an official version and the other version (the truth) will fall through the cracks. It all depends on what end the official version seeks to accomplish in the long term.

Julian Assange’s accomplishments has made history by coming out with truths that achieved world acclaim but, he is under surveillance as if he is the mastermind behind all the treachery, cunning plots, wars, genocide, lies of WMD and invasions. This is the duplicity we live under because truth has become victim of a world order that has imprisoned justice. In all of this I was drawn to a book I read years ago and found it absolutely apt for this opinion piece. The book, Humanity. A moral history of the twentieth century by Jonathan Glover, had me spellbound once again. Reflecting on how the world forgets the moral history that war leaves behind is actually a nexus with the horrors we see today.

Today history is been revised and we are learning so many peculiar facts that are astounding. Glover mentions that the Soviet regime killed 61,911,000 people. They were killed in mass executions, compulsory movements of population, mass killings, deliberately created famine or working on colossal slave-labour construction projects and horrible treatment in concentration camps. The ‘kulaks’ faced this genocide and were peasants but classified as ‘bourgeois’ and history today asks the question, “What happened to all the Muslims who were in Russia at the time of WW1 & WW 2?” This is an intriguing and a very thought provoking question that will keep history alive because, we tend to focus on making people believe that only one race group has the claim to a holocaust.

Stalin’s death fits Aristotle’s thought that ‘a tyrant is of all persons the man who can place no confidence in friends, as every one has it in his desire and these chiefly in their power to destroy him.’ (J.Glover)

How is it that Hitler is given so much prominence whilst Stalin is not given that stage to share? Is it because the people Stalin killed were children of a lesser god? This is the duplicity we are caught in. We are mesmerised by the way politics garners support to make deniers of the holocaust criminal but, fail to do so for the rest of humanity. Here is how one survivor on the Baltic-White Sea Canal describes the slave labour construction during the Stalinist period:

At the end of the workday there were corpses left on the worksite. The snow powdered their faces. One of them was hunched over beneath an overturned wheelbarrow, he had hidden his hands in his sleeves and frozen to death in that position. Someone had frozen with his head bent down between his knees. Two were frozen back to back leaning against each other…At night the sledges went out and collected them. The drivers threw the corpses onto the sledges with a dull clonk.

J.Glover. A moral history of the twentieth century. Page 238.

Hitler up today fills our textbooks but, not with Stalin therefore, begging the question, ‘Why?’ We ask why because, who were really the kulaks and were they not Muslim too because, that part of history appears vague and unstudied for purposes of school history as a case in point. Why the duplicity? Should we not study Stalin as Hitler and know the real facts so that we don’t have only one narrative of a holocaust? I mean 61,911,000 divided by 6000 000 is 103,185! Why has this not been made a huge story for us to know and study as how we study the horror of the only holocaust we know? It has not been because, the duplicity keeps the current agenda on the table whilst the truth underneath a table of empty human right campaigns. You make up your own mind and start thinking. The march on Capitol Hill and the reporting of it fits the duplicity agenda of the new world order where the powers controlling the media will brainwash us into believing who must be a villain and who must be deified. The white people that marched on Capitol Hill will never face the brunt of the law as the black people that marched on the Black Lives Matter campaign and the white man who shoots and kills unarmed civilians will always be protected by duplicity.

Should we not study Stalin as Hitler and know the real facts so that we don’t have only one narrative of a holocaust? I mean 61,911,000 divided by 6000 000 is 103,185!

figure of 61,911,00 from j.glover. a moral history of the TWENTIETH century. page 237.

You should, by now understand that duplicity is the game of politics and the maintenance of power behind the game of thrones. We see it not because we are too caught up in the glamour of bloodlines in the race to prove racial supremacy. The price we are paying is this lack of morality we see today that has ravaged the fabric of human relations so much so that if morality is the only prism we read our history through, we have shamed Allah, the Merciful and Just. Therefore, when this pejorative march to the Capitol Hill took place and the desecration of relics it was clear that respect for the symbols of democracy and justice have been smashed like glass. From the distance the glass looks fine but on closer examination its abundantly clear its cracked and disfigured beyond repair. This is what the duplicity cannot hide. Eventually, the cracks show and truths come out like germinating seeds that will sprout great trees. The trees of truth and justice cannot be watered by duplicity because it is too impure to give growth. Duplicity is eternally bound to destruction. The poem written by Anna Akhmatova shows the trials of Stalin and the era of horror. It speaks volumes of how destruction is always rooted in duplicity. People vote governments in on promises of free housing, education and health care but, slowly the dictatorships set in with variant shades and colours that mesmerise the masses into ideological dogma and revolutions. Anna writes:

In Those Years...
In those years only the dead smiled,
Glad to be at rest:
And Leningrad city swayed like
A needless appendix to its prisons.
It was then that the railway-yards
Were asylums of the mad;
Short were locomotives'
Farewell songs.
Stars of death stood
Above us, and innocent Russia
Writhed under bloodstained boots, and
Under the tyres of Black Marias.
J.Glover. Page 237.

The past, therefore, is alive in the present and if we don’t reckon the current history with the past philosophy of why wars start and continue, we will forever be caught up in the justification of war with such duplicity that we begin to believe our lies as truths. Therefore, it is imperative to cite J.Glover when he discusses how human responses fail in times of crises. He says:

The propaganda of atrocity is often directed against the dignity of the victims. There are acts which humiliate the victims, often accompanied by the cold joke…When General Groves said that the atomic bomb ‘went with a tremendous bang’ he was thousands of miles away from its victims. In the Cultural Revolution the victims were distanced by being seen as enemies of the people or as bourgeois. Tribalism and belief, by creating psychological distance, succeed in catastrophically narrowing the human responses, cutting them off to whole groups of people.

J.Glover. A moral history of the twentieth century. Page 407.

Human responses that are filled with foresight and depth is what we need and not so called experts who ‘doublespeak’ and cower to the whims of clandestine agendas of powerful leaders who thrive on duplicity as a means to hold on to the reigns of authority. This cannot hold because, like the march to Capitol Hill unmasked the double standards of the greatest democracy of the world, the USA. The seekers of truth have such a voracious appetite for justice that even the most vertiginous mountains will not crush their courage. Duplicity is paint that eventually washes away or peels away because, it does not have the grit to last. This is confirmed by Allah, the all Knowing in the Glorious Quran in the following lines of evidence:

“And say: Truth has now arrived, and Falsehood has perished: for Falsehood by its very own nature is bound to perish.”

Holy Quran. Chapter 17. Ayat (evidence) 81

Duplicity has no place in the heart of the seekers of truth. Like how the agronomist skilfully tests the soil for best crop production and fertilises the soil with scientific measure of chemicals, we as victims of duplicity must fertilise our minds with seeking truth and stop falling prey to everything we hear and see. Thousands marched on Capitol Hill because they did not discern the double-speak of Mr Trump and millions more are heedless of the truth because they have not started thinking. Duplicity is defeated when you think. Are you a thinker within the Thinkers’ Library or are you just another book of pulp fiction full of duplicity signifying nothing? Who are you?

Abdullah Sujee


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