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2021! Another Year!

The Writing is on the Wall. Let us give it Meaning.

The wall had this written. It was there all the time

Who knew that 2020 would open the uncharted waters of COVID-19 and thrust the world into a pandemic? No one knew but everyone knew that this world is changing so fast by the action of mankind that something must give to let the other survive. From melting glaciers, polluted oceans, depleting rain forests, holes in the ozone layer, carbon emissions, extinction of species, wars, pillaging, plundering, crime, murder and the globalisation of poverty are all telling signs on the wall that mankind has begun to reap its bitter harvest. It is not all gloom because the resurrection has started too. A resurrection to reclaim our humanity and cherish this world we live in as it is the tilth for the hereafter.

2020 has taught us how to live with the unexpected and this became real for me when I contracted the COVID-19 virus. The writing was on the wall that many will get affected, many will die, many will have some degree of permanent damage in the lungs or other organs, many more will recover and the whole pandemic will change the world. Here I am documenting my battle with COVID-19 whilst around me people are still getting affected, being admitted to hospital, isolating at home and on oxygen, family members burying loved one, frontline staff doing the best that can and in the main society wants to break free. Break free from caution fatigue and all associated COVID-19 safety protocols but, it cannot because fear takes control and marginalises opportunities. Breaking free, for me is writing what I am feeling because it enhances a positive mind as I feel I can slip into a negative state of mind so quickly. The 10 days in self isolation are characterised by pain, fever, short breath, fatigue, exhaustion, severe back pains and difficulty with dealing with day to day things but, it is the care of people that pulls you through. Each hour is different because of the mutation of the virus in your body. I have spoken to people who have suffered this illness and expressions of their suffering is rather unique and strange at times. People have said that it is as if I was possessed by some paranormal force whilst in the main, people said how tough it is on the mind, body and soul. Believe me, it is an illness that is tough to deal with. I am sure all other illnesses too however, this illness because its on a pandemic level, it strikes with more fear. If you had COVID-19 you would know what this means. When this article is published I hope I would be over the hill to a speedy recovery. However, I am not over the hill yet, but it is my real feeling not to get depressed and to save a person from slipping into the valley of death.

The valley of death is a negative state of mind where despair is the only hope. It is an oxymoron of note but it true. In a state of utter despair, suicidal thoughts and negative emotions, it is very difficult to make sense of the world around you. This pain is what it is and you will have to deal with it but, for me the most crucial thing was the shortness of breath. Due to the fact that I cycle a lot and it been a hobby I love, it pains me to look at by bicycle when I take few fast steps around the house and I am panting. This feeling of not being able to do what you did gets to you. This is the point of 2021. It is year where you will see that it is normality that we cannot do what we want to do in the way that we were doing it all the time. I have come to realise that a lifestyle is required to make it anew in 2021 because, life goes on.

Life goes on and it is having to think anew that is exciting but the challenges in my current condition makes me weary. This is because I am not in optimum health given my COVID condition but, to come out of my negative state the most important thing is to get on with life. Getting on means not giving up on what you do. This is the writing on the wall. The writing says, ” Do not give up! Die before you die!” Yes, it means giving in to the plan of Allah, the Best of all Planners because HE knows best and you and I know do not. This submission gives you hope that you rely on a superior being that will take care. Belief makes you stronger and it gives courage. Here I am writing my thoughts and trying to get an impression of how I will manage the school when it opens and, it gives me hope. The mere thought makes me scared because I am not very well with this condition. My short breath and listlessness is overbearing but, just to write severs the bond on a depressed state.

Last night I went for a walk with my wife and it was after 10 days that I ventured out of the house. The air was crisp, the wind through my hair was a bliss and the open space was heaven but, the shortness of breath made me realise how much I take for granted. You know, cycling 100 kms and a little more was not difficult for me. Yes, it is tough but good going because the energy levels and self esteem propels you on and on. However, now just thinking of walking around the block just gets your tired. This is life. In the main we all have lived so many years and when you look back, you will realise that you actually came did some amazing stuff, navigated stormy seas, climbed over huge problems, achieved gratifying feats, made remarkable friends, grieved over loved ones, smiled with dear one and the list is endless. 2021 is giving us another opportunity to add to that list.

The list for 2021 has begun with COVID-19. What I thought about a new year changed all because I was self isolating first when my dear wife contracted COVID and then myself. So for 30 days I have been in house and dealing with the issues that come with infection and illness. When the country was in a hard lockdown in 2020, it was easy because everyone was doing the same thing and the infection rate was not high. However, now you sit alone and it is very difficult because you begin to have cabin fever. It is a time where you really get in touch with yourself and that is priceless.

It is priceless to love your own company but, not wanting to be alone only because, you want to give to the world. The world is full of wonderful, caring, loving, generous and compassionate people. The number of people that called and extended their care and kindness is clear sign that life is beautiful and that 2021 will be great. Our community, Roshnee, is like one caring home in times like this. It is such a warm and comforting feeling to wake up knowing that a group of dedicated people make a point of getting all your data to monitor you. In doing so, they keep a check on your medication, breathing exercises and also ensuring that if you need food it will comes it way. This is the writing on the wall. Furthermore, the VMWF and their excellence of service in tending to the needy is just very touching. Meals were dropped off at home without asking and there was no need to go out and do any grocery shopping because Allah sent provisions to our door. HE sent graceful people anointed with sincere love for humanity to care for us in every possible way. The writing on the wall is that in the despair we see and experience; there are millions of people who care and extend hope through actions. 2021 is characterised by the tenacity of such people and I would want to part of them. The silent saints who write their deeds in the kindness and compassion they have for others is a gift from Allah, the Compassionate to the world. They are selfless and merciful. This is what the world needs and yes, it is going to be the way that will change the world into a better place.

The writing on the wall is that in the despair we see and experience; there are millions of people who care and extend hope through actions

The world is the place we live in and it is not what I want to chase after. What this illness has taught me is how people rush to care and help. This is when you see the world chasing these people because there are just millions who need it. It is as if the world hands itself to those are are benefactors of humanity and opens it treasures for them. It is also like the earth giving the caring people more people to care for. In doing so, it is telling humanity that there are angels among you and their action attract the blessings of Allah. What the the blessings and treasures? The blessings and treasures are the infinite moments of feeling Allah’s mercy upon you. It is not the wealth and status but, the genuine side of human kindness. 2021 has this writing on the wall:

2020 showed you a virus the eye cannot see. 2021 shows you hope that every heart can feel

It is then my act of kindness to share an evidence from the Holy Quran that give me hope and continues do so. The evidence is:

2021 is where ease will come.

Due the time I had, I listened to Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan and found it very beneficial because it tells me that the writing on the wall is that most definitely things are going to get better. We need to have the belief that with hardship there will be ease.

The writing on the wall is clear for me. It is that there will be ease after the hardship and all it requires my patience. So take on 2021 with patience and there will be the ease you need. If your heart is at ease, 2021 will be breeze. This is the meaning of the writing on the wall.

Chasing after the world
will only send you in a twirl.
Chasing the world for fame
is a never ending game.
Chasing the world for power and glory
is the abyss to learn the state of sorry!
Chasing the world to care
is the realm of fair.
Chasing the world to find Allah
is the kingdom of Salaah
Chasing to practice of Muhammad´Ě║, the Praised 
is the path of the unfazed.
Chase the world no more
 to preserve the lore.
Run away from the chase to please Allah, the High
and you will never sigh!
Abdullah Sujee

Write your story on your wall of life and read the wonder you lived. The story you write will be an inspiration for the millions yet to come. The writing on the wall was always that we become those who shunned the world to liberate themselves from the shackles of bondage to the ephemeral. The resurrection is your your awakening and realisation of life as a tilth for the hereafter.

Abdullah Sujee


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