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In 1976 did i begin my schooling 

and grade 1 was my calling.

And i in naiveté believed all the history

as the world was a mystery.

Little did i know of Jan van Riebeeck and his discovery of South Africa in 1652 

in awe did i embrace it as true.

Today I read anew and knew 

too many have no clue.

Real from fake 

has been only for political sake.

Now I perceived 

how I was deceived.

By what History I received

I was deceived!

The Lie of 1652 is the title of Patric Tariq Mellet’s book that unsettled my mind and upon opening reading the preface I penned the following in the book:

My study and teaching of History made me buy this book and gosh! I was truly put on the back-foot because what I taught the pupils had been reviewed and all this while I did not know! I taught a skewed history to the pupils!

The book, The Lie of 1652, A decolonised history of land, is scholarly and it has opened my mind to what I innately knew but isolated it within the genre of conspiracy theories all because my indoctrination was deep and given superiority with the accomplishment of a degree wherein History was my major I believed what I was taught at school and university to be gospel. This is my life now and there are millions like me across the world who have no clue of the real truth of their land’s authentic history. We are probably perpetuating the lies because we fail to challenge the narrative we were force fed with delectable charm in the name of education to accept because, under the mantle of education everything is taken as truth. Our education on the history of the world and its peoples is the narrative of the coloniser, the conquistadors, the financiers, the bankers, the kings, the queens and the wretched select historians who chose to write lies and twisted facts to keep the hegemony to establish the empire the powers of the time are still striving for. Our minds therefore, has yet to be decolonised so that we see the lies, search for the truth and make it known to the world even it is as little as a drop in the ocean. Like the drops that fill the ocean, one mosquito in a room snatches the sleep of a whole family, the power of one cannot be undermined or diminished.

You know, I can never diminish the effect of the painting of Jan van Riebeeck and the history lessons on the ‘discovery’ of South Africa when I was in Standard 4 (Grade 7) in 1982. I was in awe of this man who discovered this land I am living in. I was more astounded by the image of the graceful welcome he received by the indigenous Khoe people. This belief became real and authentic for me because the narrative was so well structured to make us admire conquest by the white man as a gift from God. Today, I look at the history with deeper thought and realise that the victor’s narrative still permeates the history books so much so that it has fuelled their master plan for world domination. The domination of the narrative is best captured in the recent events of 9/11, the bombing of the Twin Towers, where the narrative is what the USA government has written and the contest against is categorised as conspiracy theories thereby, making lies part of history. The lies we are fed with is what is passed on to our children in schools and our teachers are given the material to teach. They teach, like me without proper discrimination because we teach to the test and take what we are given as gospel. Really, this is a sickening feeling and if you do not have some discomfort, you probably happy with the lies you know about the land you live in.

The present we live in is one exciting time too because, there are many historians who are now revising the research, reviewing archeological records, analysing data with advanced technology and rewriting history authentically so that the truth can be learnt and taught in schools. One such historian is Patric Tariq Mellet. Let us indulge in what he has researched on the story of the founding of the port of Cape Town. He writes:

….From 1600 to 1652 there was already vibrant multicultural interaction at a nascent refreshment station and the proto-port settlement that would become Cape Town and a colony run by the Dutch East India Company…the Khoe – played in its establishment, but also their holding of the shoreline frontier 52 years prior to colonial domination… Charles Bell’s painting of an imagined meeting between Jan van Riebeeck, the first commander of the VOC’s settlement, and awestruck ‘primitive’ Khoe people on the shore of Table Bay, painted 200 years after the fact….this event is presented as though this was the first encounter between a bedazzled local Khoe community and Europeans. In reality, there had been already 180 years of engagement before 1652. The lie runs very deep and skews most versions and perspectives on South African history.

Patric Tariq Mellet. The Lie of 1652. A decolonised history of the land. Tafelberg. 2020. pg. 95.

History is full of anachronisms which passes by without a blink of an eye because we don’t know better. Let us look at the anachronism in the painting of Charles Bell. The chronological inconsistency is glaring especially regarding the flag and guns which were icons of the later stages of colonisation and the establishment of Dutch rule in South Africa. The juxtaposition of events, persons, objects are not consistent with events in 1652 and the amazing dexterity applied to this painting for example amongst millions, indicates the deliberate plan to indoctrinate masses into believing a narrative that is consistent with a grand plan for world domination by a small group of people. We see that today that 26 families control more than 80% of the world’s wealth and it all has a trace to how history was and is written. The deft hand of select historians have coloured the stories to ensure the truth is submerged so deep that people like you and I will be deceived into believing a history that suits the grand plan of the victor.

The victor makes the time to ensure his narrative is written so that the legacy remains alive long enough to dumb a nation down into believing half truths and lies. Take the time to watch the following video to get an insight into history we never heard of.

There is a whole new world of anecdotes that will reveal truths we never knew.

I watched the interview and found it astounding. The book, The Lie of 1652, ties in with the astonishing details presented in the interview. I pondered on the contribution of the people and realized the greatness of their being. Their contributions and discoveries make them invincible heroes because their stories are authentic rooted in the wellbeing for humanity. These stories and the reality of circumstances behind them tells of an intelligent people attached to serving the greater good of humanity. I am convinced that we have to be the in the forefront in research and study on history to make a difference in rewriting history. When you hear that African, Chinese, Arab and Indian people traded, shared best practice and collaborated long before the Europeans set foot on African soil or on Asian lands it excites the mind and inspires research and intellectual debate. It stands to reason therefore, that the African and Indian people as a case in point when they first encountered the Europeans they percieved them to have the same type of trade and collaboration mentality as they had with each other respectively but, they were surely wrong. The colonial trebuchet that was highly strung with years of unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate systems and begin taking control, was unleashed with massive power with the onslaught of slavery and the drive to own natural resources of lands beyond Europe became a fetish obsession. Africa was raped! The destructive effects of slavery and colonialism was far flung across Africa with such thunder that it had the shockwaves likened to the Big Bang that split the cosmos asunder for earth to come into being. This Big Bang split religions, cultures, traditions, societies, political structures and communities asunder. The shrapnel is still flying in all directions because the oppressive, repressive narrative looms like an omnipresent force. The force is the control of history by ensuring that the writers perpetuate subjugation but allow for some credibility by including scant indigenous achievements and resistance. This inclusion is to give their writings a kind of objectivity and authenticity. The little inclusivity is obscured and blurred within the colonial narrative and the deception goes so deep because the truth cannot be exposed. The truth if exposed must sound so far fetched thereby making it irrelevant.

Look at how irrelevant the unofficial version of 9/11 is. Whilst it has an audience, it has no real clout or impact that can change world view because the original deception was launched with such cunning excellence that it evaporated counter arguments. The official version on the attack on the Twin Towers was launched like a block buster movie and it did not lose its appeal because the subsequent war with Iraq was screened in real time in cinemas.The blood-letting appeared like a spectacle from a gaming platform therefore, the senses were numbed to killing and empathy dissipated into thin air whilst hate intensified under the glory of nationalism, patriotism and racial superiority; people slipped further into the abyss of deception. It all looked like a game on a screen and combatants detached from the killing fields with the use of drones made it even more difficult to separate fact from fiction. This Hollywood style of writing history as a block buster movie changed to backgammon because the victor made sure how to remove the opponents pieces from game for sovereign control. Game over and history rewritten again with more lies and deception making a mockery of human lives yet, the claim for regime change has always been based on human rights. Human rights is now the new mantra to start wars and we, the fans in the colosseum, are too easily stupefied into accepting the so called truth without question because we fail to read the script. The script of a war orchestrated for purposes other than human rights is what we are given but, it is not the whole truth. Human rights is the veil and the behind it lies the scathing truth of a horrid war based on the extraction of natural resources, land occupation, establishment of army basis, setting up infrastructure for artificial intelligence for the purpose of gathering information and defining the ascent or decent of currencies.

It was horrid with cunning distinction how Isa/Jesus (PBUH) was hunted down by the Romans for the grand plan of the Empire. The entire scheme is written in the fabric of the Quran, biblical texts and history books telling the event in their respective versions. The Islamic belief is that Isa/Jesus (PBUH) was not crucified and will return to kill the false messiah does not gel with the entire secular scheme and it challenges the deception of this scheme. Therefore, the continuous embedding of deceptive narratives will permeate news and views. The deception of the historical painting of the last supper is something to really think about. Again the anachronisms are striking. One cannot imagine such a table in design to have been made then. Furthermore, the ornate room with decor the setting of the last supper is luxurious and flamboyant and it does not fit with the age and the history at the time. The painting depicts a reality that reflects opulence and comfort when in fact it was the most difficult time in history for Isa/Jesus (PBUH). This type of portrayal of facts depicted in paintings comes with intense and subtle deception because it leaves impressions on the mind that are so fluid and inconsistent with realities on the ground. These inconsistencies are so polarised that it is sufficient to create divisions socially, politically, religiously and economically. In effect, the deception becomes the greatest indoctrination for the script to design new ‘facts’ for religion and history. Until the writing of history is in the hands of crafty word masons, artists, historians and leaders with great Machiavellian intrigue, there is no chance that truths will be written as bare facts. Rather, it will be coloured with the ‘art of war’ all because history defines the future generations’ belief. Belief is stronger than culture and traditions therefore, when beliefs are strengthened with ‘historical fact’ it is emboldened as gospel and protected with the lives of people. This kind of deception is so strong that nations will go to war to protect beliefs out of fear of annihilation. The best example I think of is how Islam today is a target of attack and how Muslim lands have been invaded by the USA and its allies on a pack of lies.

The anachronisms in the painting deceives one to imagine a time of opulence yet, it was the most difficult time in history for Isa/Jesus (PBUH)

Lies and deception on Weapons of Mass Destruction were the hallmarks for the invasion of Iraq even when it was proved that WMD did not exist. The world was deceived and today, the world has not corrected the deception with boldness of justice. The pervading strength of deceit dressed in garbs of justice, peace and virtue has a mesmerising effect on the senses. People in the main are always led by the nose by politicians. Politicians know how to appeal to our senses. They know how to break down all resistance. They fill our minds and hearts with hope. The hope of fulfilled expectations outweigh the fear of under delivery. Again the card of deception is played like a winning hand in a card game, Later on we realised the Joker was actually the people in power. All they really did was to repeat history with a new different song but, with the same tune. In so doing, people were deceived thinking that history will not repeat itself. The historian who is fastidious has the space in world amongst the Spartans because they make a point to reveal the truth, research objectively, write without bias, avoid ambiguity, steer away from anachronisms and acknowledge the possibility of being wrong or inaccurate too. It is this that discerning readers of history look for and truly speaking they know when they are deceived. Technology is developing exponentially and news can be faked with so much of refinement that it can be impossible to see fact from fiction therefore, it is important to read everything with caution and ask those in authority if you don’t know. Consider this with an open mind:

Prominent Israeli Professor and Retired General Haim Eshed has claimed that Israel and the US are dealing with aliens who do not want to be identified because “humanity is not ready yet,” Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Saturday.

Israel and US dealing with ‘aliens’, says scientist
December 7, 2020 at 11:49 am | Published in: Asia & AmericasIsraelMiddle EastNewsUS

The mind is open on the matter and the heart feels a kind of deception but, when the heart and mind view the picture that features the article, the deception sets in at a very the subconscious level.

The picture is from Aliens that heads the article cited above: Screenshot of Star Trek Deep Space episode, where women from the planet Bajor are abused by soldiers from the planet Cardassia Prime during the brutal occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians [Screenshot/Netflix] is striking to make the article’s purport real and authentic. The still from the movie speaks volumes and when seen with the full article above by a child for example, what would be conjured up in the mind of the child is something we cannot fathom but, it has a message with a specific intent. The intent of a message must never be to deceive and when the intention is such there will be mischief in the land. Mischief making is the snare of devils and the traps of the unscrupulous. Deception is their game and when they deceive, it is an accomplishment that earns them a kind of accolade that gives them some sadistic pleasure. Therefore, if you read and believe everything without question and then act without knowledge you are in the game of deception. It is striking to quote Al-Ghazzali on knowledge:

Knowledge without action is madness and action without knowledge is void.

Deception is never without knowledge but, it does create within people action without knowledge thereby establishing a creed without a fervour to seek knowledge. What precipitates is madness! Madness in how wars are fought with knowledge that a full blown world war is a recipe for mutual assured destruction leaving only carnage in its wake. This fear of mutual assured destruction is the mantra to persevere with war economies on the deception that it will be Muslim countries in whose hands nuclear weapons will be dangerous yet, Muslim lands suffer the humiliation of invasions labelled with biblical connotations. Again labelling wars with a biblical strain deceives the mind to think of Armageddon whilst the call of fighting back by the Muslims, labelled as ‘Jihad’ draws great anger and misinformation. The people of Afghanistan for example suffer the indignation of wars fought on their land for decades but a lone action of a terrorist group in USA for example brings the whole of Islam into the pit of condemnation and this kind of deception is the worst because it demonises an entire people. To be deceived or not to be deceived is the question.

Being deceived is the shallow feeling of umbrage when experienced at the crest of trust, fills the heart and mind with rage that engenders resilience which will tarry on with time that can never be stopped. The illustration is best exemplified in how Palestine made over as a mandate to Britain deceived the people of Palestine with the Balfour Declaration and its preceding events. In the bitter harvest of political trickery Palestine became the Israel we know today and one has to ask to what bitter end is this going to be. The bitter end is the establishment of the empire of Israel with no state solution for the Palestinians therefore, making it very clear that the Two State Solution is not going to happen. It is a strategic plan with such noisome caveats for dissenters that makes them feel the fear of impending doom whilst those that appease are given security against invasion. The Two State Solution is the biggest political deception and this is leading to the coming of the false Messiah. The ‘Second Coming’ will usher in the reality and when the powers of the time realise that they have been fulfilling the plans of the false Messiah and paving the pathways for him, it will be the shallows of their lives to know then that they were deceived. Deceived in such a way that even the trees will speak of their treachery and humanity will embrace the fight for justice because it is free of deception.

Returning to the book, The Lie of 1652, I learnt that Simon van der Stel, the governor of the Cape, was the son of Monica da Costa a former slave and his father was the Dutch governor of Mauritius. I never knew this because it was never taught that way. I was deceived into thinking that he was of pure white stock and heralded with great hegemony from the Dutch. Later the Republic of South Africa was formed on the back of Apartheid and this rule ended with the advent of democracy. Today, South Africa is on the slippery slope of corruption and we are sold the agenda to vote in the ruling party because the return to Apartheid is made to appear so palpable. The duplicity is not understood because of the consistency of deception we were fed with. Deception has become second nature therefore, few would discern the deceit from truth. The time is now to become proactive and anti-deception because if we don’t we will forever be deceived!

Then there was the truth to reveal
and I read, and my heart could no conceal.
From Jesus (PBUH) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the fight for justice
and all between the fight were the deceit of men like lice.
From the Crusades
came other escapades.
Salahudin liberated Palestine with sword and shield but known for justice & peace
Zionists today seized the Palestine and now its never one piece.
Deceived I was with 9/11
Never would again forget the deadly seven.
Brave hearts don't sleep
they rise from the deep.
I write and speak
because all looks so bleak.
Write, I will to make all perceive
how awful it is to  deceive!
Abdullah Sujee

Abdullah Sujee


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    In the Islamic religion they have man called the Mahdi who is known as their messiah of whom they are waiting to take the stage. There are many testimonies from people online who believe this man will be Barack Obama who is to be the biblical Antichrist based off dreams they have received. I myself have had strange dreams about him like no other person. So much so that I decided to share this information.

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    Seek Jesus while He may be found…repent, confess and forsake your sins and trust in the savior! Jesus says we must be born again by His Holy Spirit to enter the kingdom of God…God bless!

    1. A superb response and profound too. Yes, the second coming is at hand.
      Thank you for a detailed and thought provoking response. Muslims do believe in the second coming of Jesus/Isah (PBUH) too. He will establish justice again. The Quran is vivid on the end of times. I believe in it. It is important that we, as believers, keep the faith and steer clear from the path of conjecture because in it lies a deception too. Give it thought.

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