All Lives Matter.

Lyndie England had a little lamb in a pram

Found it to tame for fame

Conscripted voluntarily to Iraq for infantry

She found it nothing like her mother’s pantry

For in seeking the US dream with England’s cream

She made the world scream.

Abu Guraib led us to the leash on a lease

Bush holding the leash for ‘England’ to use it with ease.

In frenzy the world cried HORROR!

And Lyndie made a such a furore!

When she cried foul on the heath hoping for some care

The Pentagon  went ‘Macbeth’ frenzy crying ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair’

Iraq went sinister

Oh! So much of blister

A head in the bag

Got the world to sag 

Abu Guraib still a shame

Its all a game that went lame in the name of fame.

Lyndie is pregnant

It was heaven sent

Then there was little Lyndie in England

Looking for mama’s memoirs in the desert sand

Only to find her mama the smoking gun

Revolting her mama in the desert sun

She screams to release

Then she knows she is on her mother’s leash

USA had her on lease for she carried her mother’s genes

And that’s how USA continues to be mean.

Are you on lease on the USA’s leash?

Lyndie was and she did as she pleased.

So please don’t be found deceased

On the USA’s geo-political leash

Allah will not be pleased.

Lyndie called to repent

Surely time well spent

Regret will not let her forget

But her boldness is now set

Lyndie off the stage

After all the rage

A little Muslim Girl in Occupied Palestine dead

As the M-16 bulleted singed her tiny head!

No one cried that Muslim Lives matter, but a whole while later

All that was said was that BLACK LIVES MATTER

When Floyd was choked to death his words caused great splatter

The world cried and mourned strangling the COVID-19 phobia reality

And we all stood in unison unmasking the other fatality!

Then Iyad Halaq, autistic shot on suspicion of a weapon setting the kill motivation

Netanyahu cried Halaq was in the wrong location

Alas! Does Muslim Lives matter Netanyahu?

COVID -19 still on the agenda with WHO

Annexation of WEST BANK is on

The WORLD is still forlorn but all in crayon

Painted murals saying no

The world has to do more to glow.

Muslim lives matter too with the same sound and fury

We forget that too because we chose what to bury.

Buried not are our stereotypes of Muslims in the news

Because we love the attention of CNN & FOX and the few.

Arise oh people! Indeed we are in Allah’s Grace

Meet HIM with some face

All Human lives matter with Allah the Majestic

If you fall for any racism YOU ARE ALL Elastic

Stretched and pulled for another’s fancy

While you remain the pansy

Others the World over are Standing up with great gusto

Painting on the Separation Wall in Occupied Palestine also

Floyd is among the martyrs of all those killed by coward snipers

From Gaza to Africa, America looks not the same for the USA Dream is in tatters

Because All Lives matter.

Abdullah Sujee


2 thoughts on “All Lives Matter.”

  1. All lives matter. Yes, this statement is true. However, I fear it is being used to deligitimise a valid movement for social justice.

    Must we engage in ‘whataboutery’?

    When peolpe say, ‘save the rhino’, do we jump up and say, ‘save all the animals’? Do we jump up and say, ‘what about the elephant?’ No, we support a legitimate cause because we understand that the rhino is under threat. We support the cause on its merits.

    Can we not view the black lives matter movement on its merits? There is no doubt that black bodies, black lives are subjected to physical and structural violence. Black lives, in the USA are subjected to institutional and structural racism. Let us recognise this and support the movement.

    As a minority, as black people, as Muslims we must support a just cause and not engage in whataboutery.

    Saying black lives matter in no way deligitimises or lessens the cause of other oppressed communities around the world. In fact, the oppressed people of the world must stand in solidarity with each others causes.

    1. Thank you. An excellent comment. The purport of the poem is to highlight the fact that all lives matter and that Muslims lives matter too. Muslims have faced and are still facing stereotyping and generalisations that have defamed Islam and have been subjected to great humiliation in their own lands. In writing the poem the oppression of Blacks is given significance in a wider angle of human right violations, e.g. the mural on the separation wall in Occupied Palestine hails him as a martyr. So yes, as Muslims we must support the cause of Black oppression and never to alienate the oppression of Muslims too in the same vein.
      I really appreciate your comment and the ‘whataboutery’ is just the poetic construct to incite debate as this one.


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