When inspired.

The LOCKDOWN Continues.

Yawar Unleashed!

Little Yawar at five was alive with great zoom

Well groomed and never could return home soon.

There came a day when Uncle and Yawar sauntered out

Uncle behind as Yawar ran far out.

Seen jumping into one haystack after another

Uncle was in no bother.

Yawar in the yonder

Uncle now in wonder

The sun sinking in splendour

Workers of soil after hard toil found Uncle and Yawar in God’s grandeur.

In awe 

They saw the flaw

Uncle and Yawar lost in the fields’ claw

Doctor’s son they all knew

Uncle stood with the few

Oh He spake  

with no break

Yawar stood and spoke

Saying what Uncle spoke with a different stroke

Uncle in a cloak gestured home

Yawar in smile did not moan

Two workers lighted the way

Uncle and Yawar held their sway

Little past Eleven

They broke even

Uncle thanked the two at the gate

And he knew is fate

Yawar in the washing pen

Uncle under the elders questioning fan

Next time you go yonder, hook him on a leash

Haha Uncle now I have him like a fish.

Schooling ain’t fun here 

with the food they give here

Off to boarding school would you go came the call

Oh! Yes let me go before I fall

This leash has me and all I do is pull

Ah! I am no fool.

Boarding school was to unleash me

Off it went and I was happy and full of glee

In the distant focused the binoculars 

While a chocolate wet my molars

Yawar unleashed 

The story ain’t finished

Unleashed wisdom sent the world over 

Leadership, family business and Seerah got many Islamically sober

Fair Reminders every morning in series from yonder 

And every corner

Woke you up in new thought

And you fought

the old 

until it was left in the cold

Yawar unleashed you to yourself

Little did you know you were never an elf

Unleashed was his pen to author books

Everyone read even the cooks

Seerah is his passion

bought in every session

Uncle and Yawar sat upon the setting sun, sipped tea in delight calling back past

Yawar could look back fast

Yawar never knew the walk, the stacks, the leach and the binoculars 

All he knew was a family strong as molars.

  • Abdullah Sujee (Inspired by a FR on maintaining family ties)


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