Gaza 2020


Palestine will be free!

2019/9/11 came in shock and awe to remind the world of Twin Towers

Gaza is 24/7 of Muslims 9/11 and is still holding the Twin Powers!

USA and Israel 

– their relationship will not cower cause the world is failing to feel.

Gaza – tongue in cheek is not for the meek

Bordering on the sea is not time for men to be led by Moosa (a.s) to new land to seek

Nay! Its the time for ‘second coming’ and trees and stones will speak  –  Jews Fears

No revelation is at hand for the revelation is sounding for 1441 years

Gaza bombarded

Israel discarded

Palestine ain’t on the map but Gaza is

Israel is on the map and it’s on freeze

Netanyahu hailed

His plans failed

Gaza stands and Aqsa beckons

2012 – the world ought to END and people thought Gaza for seconds

Like a caterpillar agonising its metamorphosis

Gazans are under USA & Israel’s prognosis

The caterpillar bursts with pain inaudible 

Yet the pain is formidable 

Out stretches magnificence personified

All fears denied

Gaza 2020 a metamorphosis!

The Arab Spring nothing but ferocious 

Gaza 2020 awakens the call to protect Aqsa

For the second coming is Isa (a.s)

With the Mehdi  a calling

Dajjal slouches to Bethlehem for his falling… 

Gaza beckons the revival

To remind Muslims of their survival.

COVID-19 2020 ain’t Gaza’s LOCKDOWN 

2012 to 2020 Gaza never wore a FROWN

The world knows Gaza now

And they wonder how?

A people pushed to despair 

Became the heroes of repair 

Gaza showed the world LIFE

Bombs, Occupation, Walls and Apartheid brings only STRIFE

OH! People of Gaza Angels come a calling your name

While we still chase power with a candle flame

Gaza will arise ! Palestine will be free!

By Abdullah Sujee

Gaza Strip – And they smile amidst the Occupation Lockdown and the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN.
Resilience Personified!


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