Guantanamo Bay


COVID – 19 came with its own shine

never in time for humanity shine

save to pine

From the Horn of Africa

To the States of America

from Wuhan to Pakistan

to Italy and to Afghanistan

The world went into lock down

and even the circuses clowns smiles locked to a frown

Oh! Guantanamo Bay in Lockdown

Little do remember now with COVID – 19!

The Tipton three were on their way

Suddenly there came in their sway

The Nuts whose bolts were screwed by Iraq invaders

And said the Tipton 3 were cadres!

Terrorists was their label 

Because that how it was on cable

And that’s how the Tipton 3 were unable

To set them stable 

To release capable!

Oh! Then were they sent to G.Bay.

Torture became the order

Because the whole war was just pig fodder

So they needed to give it some order

And so in the White House Corridors

They found the CIA able to upgrade the fodder into order!

Along came Lyndie England, her ilk and grime with the Torture Manual

One for the master, one for the boy down the lane and one for the Iraqi Annual

All in the name the manual

All were good as Samuel

SERE is what they used

And all the G.Bay detainees were legally abused!

In the name of God did Bush sound the 3rd Crusade

And the 1st Crusades did not fade

For Bush had to pass the grade!

The TIPTON 3 met …Hicks

He was not full of tricks

But the TORTURE IN G.Bay made him real sick!

Time brought in 2008 

And it was not late

Hicks & 3 were set free

The law of G.Bay failed to tie them to law’s tree

So free, but no glee

For freedom comes with a fee

The fee you don’t see

It’s vast as the sea!

Back in G.Bay Khalid and 5 went on trail

Began in June of 2008 with the US seeking their holy grail.

Only to know that Khalid & 5 were made guilty

Waterboarding as torture got them filthy guilty

And so in court they were caught

And all was fought in the USA FUN FARE unfair court

This is G.Bay 

It’s takes you in its sway

When the war mongers feel you in their way!

Allah has got HIS way

In the end Allah’s justice will weigh

When the sirat is in their way

They will cry “ Oh!  Why did we do G.Bay!

And took to Abu-ghuraib for more say

Now hell is our way to pay!”

Wait a minute Sire!

The world is on a pyre

And the world too is on fire with COVID – 19

So lets quarantine

and release all from G.Bay in time

Their freedom then a harbinger

And all of us a singer

raising the index finger

To the One who is on HIS own

Pleading to HIM without our phone

We beg that never must the beast ‘slouches to Bethlehem to be born’

And I stand all forlorn

Crying COVID – 19 where have you come from!

My suffering, my luxuries, my life

Oh! What strife!

COVID – 19 all over the world in lock down

Oh! How were G.Bayers found

Their lock down is of political sound

Ours is of Biblical quintessence

Overalls in white and masks in blue to black has no finesse

Lock down are we in paranoia

In every road to every foyer

While G.Bay looks on and cries out:

Hello there! Welcome to my VIRUS

Humans cried WHO!

The animals answered YOU!

1 The 3 boys on tour in Pakistan

2 The major news networks

3 The Prophet Samuel

4 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survival,_Evasion,_Resistance_and_Escape

5 Is torture technique – simulated drowning.

6 The bridge over Hell.


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