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The Brand Culture – A craze! Are you caught in the Haze?

“Mummy, Daddy I want that Nike T-Shirt and that Von Dutch bag and that Nokia cell phone!” beg the children. The parents cower under the pressure and reply, “Okay my darlings Daddy cannot buy it today and why does it have to be Nike?” The children cry out, “ Daddy but it’s the fashion and its so cool” Sounds familiar?

In fact, the study by ‘Generation Next, the largest youth brand preference study’ indicated that tweens (children aged between 10 -13) influence their parents to spend R20-million and consume R6-billion worth of products a year ranging from beach-flops to cell-phones! This means that we are spending more than some countries’ defense budget. Well not more than the USA – it is fashion for them to invade, pillage and plunder. Their brand of freedom is looking down the barrel of a gun whilst trying to hear a drone overhead. Eish! That is a topic of its own! Can you believe if we spend R6 billion in helping the poor and needy what we would achieve? Yes, dream on. We love to dream but to act, we are not ready.

Today we are so caught up in the culture of consumption of luxury that it is now a necessity. This has changed the way dad and mum have to budget their finances. Has it come to the stage that dad and num are more concerned about purchasing luxury branded items than food?
Yes, did you read about the newspapers the other day? Well, it was about the CREDIT CRUNCH! Our parents are said to have debts with all major stores.

Yes. We want fashion and look who is paying for it? Mum and dad!
Today fashion has become a lifestyle and that makes me, me. I know so many brands better than my Kalimahs – really and I know more brands than the names of Sahabah (r.a). This is sad and tragic at the same time but, this is the truth. You see, fashion and its web of BRAND consciousness make us forget the Sunnah and Allah consciousness – taqwa.

The point I am making here is that we are all caught up in this HUGE SPIDER’S WEB OF FASHION that we have lost our senses. Think about it: we buy things we don’t need; with money, we don’t have to impress people we
don’t know. Fashion is such that we would PORCUPINE our hair, walk on
stilts, burn our hair, disfigure our bodies, hurt ourselves to squeeze into an outfit and use silicone to add on new nails to our existing nails…all of this to ‘feel good’ for a few comments that lack sincerity. I am lost for words but truth be told, put me in a shopping mall and I will feel at home, or shall I say: I will feel like a fish in the water. You see we have made ourselves used to fashion so when we are asked to follow a sunnah it’s strange, and that is how I feel – STRANGE.

This speech therefore, is my way of inviting you to enjoin in good whilst I express to you my deepest issues. Until you confront your issues like FASHION for example, you will live in fool’s paradise because you think you will follow the sunnah when its fashion. You and I have got it wrong. The sunnah is not a fashion statement. It is a lifestyle statement.

In conclusion, we should go home and just for once, count the shoes you don’t wear often enough, the 1000 shades of lipstick, the 100 scarves and the many, many things we bought just because it was fashion and ask ourselves this one question: How will I answer to Allah about this extravagance? If you have an answer, please do stand up or raise your hand and do tell us all.

I guess there is no one? In that case, the case is closed on fashion. Our religion is Islam, we need to brand it with the sunnah.


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