Oh! Muhammad ﷺ

In remembering Muhammad there is peace. Muhammad a gift to humanity.

“And which of the favours of your Lord can you deny?”

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ

An army on Mecca in the year of the elephant ready for destruction 

Abraha aghast by the glorious Ka’bah – it diminished his holy construction.

Abraha, army and elephants split asunder

Birds dropped their WMD to retaliate Abraha’s failed plunder.

The year of the elephant marked the blessings for humanity

as Muhammad ﷺ birth came to address all insanity.

Trusted and loved Muhammad ﷺ was Mecca’s man

in Khadija’s (ra) employ he became tradesmen’s biggest fan.

Honesty and truthfulness his trademark

left all competitors in the dark.

Between his shoulders was the Prophets’ seal concealed

at forty it was all revealed.

Once beloved, trusted, adored as he bore no flaw 

upon Prophethood did many a Meccan kick his Prophetic door.

Muhammad ﷺ the rock of steadfastness kept his divine mission

all because holy Quranic revelation gave him vision.

Few met with Muhammadﷺ at Al-Arqam’s like sages of the age

to avoid the Meccan rage.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ revelation came with hope

persecutions, torture, murder & boycott was no moat 

or too wide for believers 

their faith touching east and west, disbelievers were their own cleavers.

Heaved at their own chests of misery

they found Muhammad ﷺ and his sages never on the periphery.

Always a revelation at hand

that was grand.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ split the moon

and all did not swoon.

The miracle by Allah’s lead

gave Muhammad ﷺ the best creed.

Of all, Four were the best, like honoured steeds

blessed Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali excellent in deeds.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ mercy to all mankind

wanted no one left behind.

In the still of night

heaven bound was Muhammad’s ﷺ sight.

Tears for you and I to find the light

today Muhammad ﷺ prayers still hold its might.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ Badr, Uhud, Hamza and the Battle of the Trench

filled the cup of martyrdom to quench.

Hypocrisy was the stench

Steadfastness gripped it like a wrench

and hypocrisy discarded like a wench fell in the trench.

Access denied by Hudaibiyah , companions listened and obeyed

then came Conquest of Mecca on what Hudaibiyah made.

Community and Islamic State evolved

All companions sincerely involved.

Hajj came a calling for Muhammadﷺ

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ responded.

The last message he gave, became the declaration of human rights

for 100 000 to save humans from all hellish rites.

Those present took the last message to those absent

today the message is still present.

Allah, the Majestic, the High the Great

called Muhammad ﷺ to His divine State

and Muhammad ﷺ drank from the cup of fate

in blessed Masjid Nabawi, Abu Bakr & Umar with Muhammad  ﷺ 

in state.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ the sun never rose on someone more fine

or set with so much pine on your demise when it was time.

Oh! Muhammad ﷺ

 best favour to the world is you and none can deny.

“And which of the favours of your Lord can you deny.”

There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammadﷺ is HIS servant and Messenger.
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

Abdullah Sujee


4 thoughts on “Oh! Muhammad ﷺ”

  1. After reading this poem and contemplating its literary and spiritual impact i can say with great certainty i was deeply touched by the poem
    Especially the poems diction is effective in conveying the essence of the experiences of the prophet and it enables us to identify with these experiences.Furthermore the most salient moments of the seerah are all touched upon by the poem summing up the greatest of Almighty Allah’s creation .ما شاء الله

    1. Thank you. A very encouraging and inspiring comment. It is the greatness of Muhammad (PBUH) that allows us to pen poems/anecdotes/biography that resonate with deep meaning which in essence the writers do no also conceive at the time.

  2. الله اكبر. حبيب الله محمد ابن عبدالله

    Allah make it that we are all in Mubarak company on the day of reckoning Ameen

    1. THANK YOU! A blessed comment. Allah willing, may it be that Muhammad (PBUH) intercedes for us on the Day of Judgement.

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