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The New York Times, 22/12/2020

U.S. Considers Granting Immunity to Saudi Prince in Suspected Assassination Attempt

If the request is granted, it could potentially provide a legal basis to dismiss a separate case against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is accused of directing the assassination of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018. Picture Credit: wikipedia

I was shocked to read the article on the website of the New York Times because it made it clear that the clever hand of Octavius Caesar is played once more. Octavius says the following when he learns of Brutus’s suicide in the battle with the conspirators: “All that served Brutus, I will entertain them. —Fellow, wilt thou bestow thy time with me?” (5.5.66-67). Here, like a true Machiavellian knowing the art of war, praises Brutus to win the conspirators over with a display of mercy and forgiveness imitating Caesar. But, the real game is to march towards his real ambition to rule Rome. In this master stroke of wheedle, the conspirators join him and he becomes the ruler of Rome. Set this aside with the geo-politics between the USA and it allies and the alliances they make with Muslim countries know that we are on the march for a new empire. Rome is no more, but the chase for an empire is on and those who know the art of war with master play of being a Machiavellian will lead the group of conspirators. It is played like an act out of the play Julius Caesar. Perhaps we are not reading the text like how it should be read. We need to read it like a Machiavellian who enjoys the sceptre of power and influence.

When in the Senate, the great Caesar was assassinated, the entire Rome was inveigled to believe that he was becoming too powerful and the world would be safer without him. The series of treachery, betrayal and clandestine plans were put into motion for the greatest betrayal of Rome. The sinister plots included false letters penned by Cassius and Casca to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy. At the senate on that fateful day, the call, ‘Hands!’ signalled the unison drawing of the daggers and the killing of Caesar. Faugh! The assassinations continue in ways that would make the conspirators against Caesar look like peons trying to inveigle the cobbler to put more soul in his soles.

Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated on 2 October 2018 at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and there were many hands in that. Today, the script of his assassination reads like an act out of Julius Caesar. The conspirators against Caesar never faced the courts of Rome or its justice but, managed to create such mutiny and mayhem that it does not exit the political scene without leaving behind a putrid stench of vile human action. Roman Law died that day. Similarly, the whole assassination on Jamal Khashoggi leaves us with disgust worse than filthy urinals because, it points clearly to the sly, taciturn group of protected people all convinced to do the deed of killing. While we read that a handful of suspects will face the death penalty it comes off more like mess on public urinals because truth has become hostage of people in power. It seems that only at funerals we praise heroes.

Mark Antony, at the funeral of Caesar, makes the famous speech:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Caesar

The message on being attentive was the call. In what stands out to be a remarkable craft of instigating the mob against the conspirators, the inherent theme was to rage for personal ambition too. Justice in name only, was the sword to unsheathe at the peril of peace. Rome was inflamed with greater conspiracy and bloodshed that spread far and wide all because one man was brutally assassinated. The entire assassination plot of Jamal is becoming more and more incipient because, powerful leaders beyond Turkey and Saudi Arabia are involved in the case to ensure a defeat of justice because the geo-political game must not be imperilled. This defeat of justice will augur well for the project for the new American Century or the Next World Order.

The Next World Order seems to have been delivered on the strain of the strange COVID-19 pandemic because we are witnessing a unique and astounding use of artificial intelligence, robotics, counter intelligence, hyper monitoring of people, crypto-currencies, obtuse surveillance of people’s lives via social media and fake news that have left us astounded to say the least. So when it comes to the knowing how justice will prevail, the confusion becomes an enigma. The enigma is not the justice as means for peace but, how the agents of justice have dethroned it through new rules of engagement. It is this new rules of engagement that leaves us this with the disgusting after taste in the mouth because, evidence is camouflaged and intercalated within layers of fake news, conjured facts and propaganda. Therefore, Lady Justice remains in the desert, thirsty for justice to prevail, but more than that she is dehydrated because she has never being called upon for eons now. She sees the people entrusted with the scales of judgement being blindfolded to independence thinking and objective reasoning by those in power. The billions of dollars Lady Justice dispensed for order, a paltry sum went to honest lawyers, attorneys and judges whilst the rest slipped over the sword into deep pockets all because the blade of justice is greased so thick that all slips off it.

When Osama bin Laden was slipped off the bier into the vastness of the ocean the allied forces celebrated but, did this really happen? I cannot doubt that it did but, it all seems to Hollywood perfect for events to play out like that. I recall when all this happened. It was the 6:00 am News of Al-Jazeera and the headlines was the killing of Osama bin Laden. The snippet on the news was where Mr Obama came into a room with his gallant gait, sat and watched on a screen how the killing got done. Shortly after that, the funeral of Osama bin Laden was held at sea and non-Muslims suddenly became the judges of Islamic jurisprudence and gave the ruling that in this intriguing case, he should be buried at sea. These people have not studied the sciences of Islamic jurisprudence but, had the blind faith that their reasons were correct. The rest of the world’s opinion on the matter did not matter because justice had to be served on platter fit for a devil’s cause embroidered with religious overlays. Faugh again!

Once again let’s visit the judgement of Saddam Hussein. His hanging became public through social media and he was judged by social media. His case in the Iraqi court was a farce of justice. He was never allowed a free and fair trail even when it was made public that Iraq possessed no Weapons of Mass Destruction. The regime change of Iraq was a necessary plan of justice to the rest of the Middle east showing the might of new triumvirate, USA/Israel, UK, France and Allies. Next came Gaddafi and the peoples’ justice planned for him was a clear indication of how countries can be toppled when they don’t fit the political agenda of the triumvirate. The entire Middle east today has become a winter-land after the Arab Spring because justice has not been respected in the courts of the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council. Basher Al Asad’s grotesque horror continues unabated in Syria whilst the International Court of Justice slumbers in the cobweb of UN’s emblem. Further afield and a while back, Lady Justice was made deaf to the blows on Afghanistan to ensure the diversion was loud enough so that Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair did not lead to impeachment. If the courts of Justice were to be lined up next to each other just on the cases listed above, it looks like a public urinal with the filth still on places. Surprisingly, people would still walk into a urinal and use it even if the filth and putrid smell suffocates. Similarly, courts of justice for big human right violations are like public urinals whilst, for the common Joe on the street who has not paid his parking fine, the full might of the laws slams down on him. Next to him, in the same court, the rapist walks free! Faugh! Nations have wavered justice for a piece of land, a barrel of oil and for a fistful of dollars. Bribery works its tentacles like an octopus on an unsuspecting prey only to devour the greatness of man and make him like lapdog on a long leash.

One wonders on what leash is Fatah al Sisi of Egypt is on. Gosh! he frees Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste on 1 February 2015 after 400 days of detention without trial but, keeps Mahmood Husein jailed for FOUR years now. He has never had a fair trail. Why? Is a Muslim more guilty than a non-Muslim in the realm of geo-politics? They both work for Al-Jazeera but in the geo-political game with the intervention of USA and allies, Peter is released but ‘Paul’ not. This smacks of betrayal of justice! This tells you that justice has become victim and tied to a totem pole where the carved out figurines are that of jesters mocking the few righteous courts of justice. The image is likened to a lion ensnared in clamps that tear the flesh, its roars frightens but it can do nothing. Justice, the lion of human dignity, is ensnared and all it does is growl hoping that someone, somewhere begins to tread its path. After all, it is ‘the lone action of one man/woman in times of great despair, that changes the course of humanity forever.’ That man/woman for now must be you because you can think. When you change it tells that within you the scales of justice have a place. Therefore, when the time comes to follow those who are truly just you will have the courage. The time is coming because the roar of justice has echoed beyond race, colour, creed, religion, bloodlines and national pride. Justice never ceases.

Justice can never be attained with a loaded gun.

Julius Caesar never ceases to alert us to the political game that is full of bribery and its so apt to quote Brutus. He says:

Let me tell you, Cassius, you yourself Are much condemned to have an itching palm, To sell and mart your offices for gold To undeservers.


Brutus in this part reminds Cassius of the fact that he took bribes in the past and therefore, he begins to question if Caesar was killed for the right reasons. This bribery, as Brutus, makes us understand is a habit that follows with many more devious and cunning traits which diminishes trust. Brutus in these two lines marks Cassius as untrustworthy. Using the same trend of analysis of Brutus on Cassius and applied to cases cited above just how many more untrustworthy persons will we find? Millions, I guess and very few who are trustworthy. This is the point of this article: we have become so use to dirty urinals and filth that when we find a clean space we are caught in wonderment. The world is such today that the powerful will misguide justice, falsify the truth, exonerate the guilty, untrustworthy people will lead us and greed will corrupt us absolutely. It must not be that the next time you at a urinal, it reminds you of a court because the judge sitting on the throne is smeared with filth but his facade is like un-trampled dew.

After all, it is ‘the lone action of one man/woman in times of great despair, that changes the course of humanity forever.’

When dew covers the green grass and when your foot tramples the soil, the pure dew disappears into the soles and opens the grass to the welcoming rays of the morning sun. Justice is tied to mercy. It is like dew and remains pure but once tainted, it becomes the oil in a bottle mixed with water. It will never mix! The world watches the next scene that the New York Times and all media avenues will write and perhaps it will reflect what Brutus had to say about Caesar. He said:

O Julius Caesar, thou art mighty yet! Thy spirit walks abroad and turns our swords In our own proper entrails. (5.3.100-102)

Brutus learns that Titinus also killed himself and cannot fathom that Caesar has been dead for a while but, Caesar’s influence trickles down like blood on a sword. His powerful influence is omnipresent. The power struggle that conspired between Brutus and Cassius, Antony and Octavius tore Rome apart. Stability after that was on sword’s blade. It slipped on the sharpness and today, Rome is an archaeological site. The geo-political landscape is now littered with many a little Caesar, a little Brutus, a tiny Antony and the likes in search for the great empire. You will read more and see more events that will take the marrow from your bones, but if you read between the lines, Lady Justice has just began her script and many will fall on their own swords!

Abdullah Sujee



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