“Righteous Victims”

Power is entirely relative; and what is feebleness now, would, at a certain time, have been force or power…`”Power is altogether comparative.” – THE GREAT RECKONING. J.D.Davidson & Lord W Rees-Mogg.


Bonds of Friendship.

Friendships have their own legacies written in memories. Memories that find themselves in the moments life gives us. Therein lies the sceptre you carry into the kingdom of FRIENDS where the throne is bonds of happiness.


All Lives Matter.

Lyndie England had a little lamb in a pram Found it to tame for fame Conscripted voluntarily to Iraq for infantry She …

Belief COVID-19

When Called…Perform!

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN STILL A REALITY! The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurred on 5 June 2020 without much fanfare amidst the COVID-19 drama that …


When inspired.

The LOCKDOWN Continues. Yawar Unleashed! Little Yawar at five was alive with great zoom Well groomed and never could return home soon. …


IRAQ 2020

DAY 41 & 42 COVID – 19 SA LOCKDOWN Iraq Saddam! Oh! you, you have saddened me They say you had WMD’s …


Gaza 2020

DAY 38, 39 & 40 COVID-19. LOCKDOWN SOUTH AFRICA Palestine will be free! 2019/9/11 came in shock and awe to remind the …